OKCupid 2017

15 Jan
Matthew McConaughey lovers changes

image stolen from starchanges.com

A reply that fast– I knew it’d be some hostile cunty thing. I looked anyway.

I hope this woman gets raped. Mutilated. I hope the cartel torture that Matthew McConaughey® describes in True Detective Season 1 episode 4– they tape you to a chair; they use a couple rolls a duct tape so ya cant move an inch. Cut all around your face. Grip into your scalp, peel your face off. Hold up a mirror so you can git a rillll guuuud look… I hope that happens to her.

Shouldn’t have responded. I knew I’d regret it but I knew I’d respond. Now the words I’m typing are stupid because I imagine her contempt reading them. Laughing at me. All I can think is: move to the Philippines. Young girls there, as they should be. Desperate slaves who must beg for my attention. Claw over each other in the hope that I’ll pull their family out from destitution. Petite from neonatal malnourishment. Two weeks later I’m back on a plane.

But Duterte’s giving the girls birth control now because a priest molested him. Women will have self determination. We know how that works out.

I can tell the girls are hitting pass on Quickmatch. The circle pics on my homepage are age appropriate. Fat. They look like the Wayans brothers in White Chicks if it was called Mexican Chicks. You think you’ll have an easy time with a 30-something but they pull you into 5,000 word screeds about how mad they are at men. They’re mad that male organisms like to have sex.

Yesterday I felt good because an elderly Chinese hooker tickled my taint. A person needs to be touched. Her body riddled with weird holes in old fat like a woodpecker had been at it. I called from the back of Pasadena Weekly. The ad said free table shower. They shut down Backpages but every free paper in America has whores.

Today back on OKCupid. The hot ones ignore you or say something cruel. “Hot ones” mostly means “young ones.” So you’ve been humiliated by a child. You want to take her by the feet and swing her face into a lamppost. You’re not human to them. Men are not human to young women. Old women, it’s over. What can you do. Anyway fuck you, Susan B. Anthony.

3 Responses to “OKCupid 2017”

  1. Atlanta Man January 15, 2017 at 12:25 pm #

    Duterte is really giving free birth control? If so that is a smart move, we should try that here- it did wonders in Sweden.

  2. Small January 15, 2017 at 1:30 pm #

    What the fuck are you whining about – are they human to *you*?

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