To Noelle, on the Occasion of Her Underboob Tattoo

12 Mar

I am going to build a high school guidance counselor’s office.  Every motivational poster, every prop, everything.  I’m going to put on a cardigan and tie.

Every so often I’m going to call you in. I will be looking forward to this bright spot in my week.  You are one of our most promising students— not like the rest of these pregnant, glue-sniffing fuckups.  You’re smart and pleasant and goddamn can you put a sentence together.  Maybe you’ll be a journalist, or a lawyer or something. Or a congresswoman!

You will walk in and I will not be able to hide the gleefully expectant look on my face as I ask what you’ve been up to lately.

After you leave, I will sob quietly into my travel mug for hours.

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