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This Woman, Part 3

25 Jul

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Part 1

Part 2

I went shooting with her. Showed her how to use the gun. Out past the fire restrictions by Mojave. I’d like to go shooting a hot load of goo right in her ovulating pussy Continue reading

This Woman, Part 2

18 Jul

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My love is burning magnesium. White hot then gone. She didn’t text back. I don’t give a shit. Continue reading

This Woman

17 Jul


She’s hot. My God her ass in her green shorts lying on her stomach on the picnic blanket. She has long puffy nipples. Didn’t see them “in person” but no bra and her sheer white athletic T shirt. I can’t tell what’s going on– maybe some kind of piercing. Which would be unfortunate. But I think long puffy nipples. And I think about sucking one hard with my tongue pushing it into my palate like a baby really working to get milk out of it. While I have two fingers hooked in her making her cum. And then I put a real baby in her who really does suck hard to get milk out of it. Continue reading


4 Jul


They canceled summer. No beach no fireworks. They’ll stop corona deaths until the same number happen later. There will be no vaccine, treatment or cure. People are mad and they’ll get madder until they have riots that spread corona. Spike, lockdown, people get mad and they cancel fall. I support Black Lives Matter. And George Floyd led an admirable lifestyle. But no matter what, if you get in a time machine and come out in 50 years they’ll still be pissed off. On the other hand, there will still be corona. So let them march. But let me look at pelicans too. Puffy cunt cracks. Continue reading

The Rage

3 Jul


I’m at the pond on a bench typing and a dork walks by with two whores and starts threatening me. I see you, he says. I see how you looking at them. He’s got blonde hair but a Mexican face and he talks like he’s making up for how white he looks. Talks so hood I can’t understand him but they look like a billboard for community college. Something something I’ll sock you up he says, and I just say what? I don’t know what sock you up means. I get confused in these situations. What the fuck are you saying, I say. Really meaning it. I really want to know. Continue reading