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Diary: I Just Want to Eat Asian Ass Forever

18 Nov
image stolen from

image stolen from

Mary. Mary from AA.. She is 34 years old, she revealed. 34! She looks 14. Asians.

I need her to move into my apartment. Cocoon herself in a sleeping bag on my couch and not shower for 15 days. I come home and just sniff her armpits and we rut like demons. I need her to stroke my hair and tell me not to worry about my job. Fold herself into me while we fall asleep watching Game of Thrones. We smoke on the porch and then I bend her over the rail and breed her like a prize hog in front of the neighbors. I need her to crawl on my back after leg day. Oil up my ass and walk on my spine. Answer in garbled half-English when I ask if I should take my underwear off…. Continue reading