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Another Reason Why I Love Kenny Rogers

30 Apr

In the 90’s, Kenny got busted for having phone sex with his three mistresses, when his marriage was falling apart.  The way it worked was KENNY SET UP A FUCKING 800 NUMBER FOR THEM and when they called, they would hear a recording of Kenny describing sex fantasies.  Stuff like: “He’s a big guy, six foot three maybe, but a great body. . . . He’s been in the sun, you can tell. . . . He’s so gentle with you and he takes his pants off and he’s got on these underwear that are kind of silk underwear … and you feel his skin all over you. . .”

This is shit straight out of a romance novel. Kenny considerately put some thought into what women might want and tried laying it down in the soothing road-worn voice of Kenny Rogers.  Any other dude would have been like “and then I fuck your face till you choke on my cock and pull out and jizz on your sister’s tits,” etc. Kenny’s sex fantasies are completely unselfish.

And when busted, here’s what he said: “It’s not like I took fourteen-year-old girls and tied them up and fed them drugs, I mean, these were conversations. These were words.” FUCK YEAH I DID IT AND IT WAS NO BIG FUCKING DEAL- GET OFF MY BACK.  Kenny has balls.

Diary 11/15/10: Trying to Remember Girls I Have Boned Recently

29 Apr

Anyway, Jenny. Sorry, but you should have been more interesting and you definitely should not have made me come in my hand. You are on fucking birth control, for Christ’s sake, and like— she specifically instructed me not to come on her— I wasn’t planning on blowing it all over her face or anything but I had to grip my helmet tightly and painfully to prevent cum from spraying all over the place. This is ridiculous. I hate how’s she’s so squeamish about basic sex acts, like— she won’t suck dick. She’s really cute and she can be really cool but also, you know, she used to be fat and is kind of owlish looking and so is still insecure about her appearance, who knows.

Heather. Heather, I am sorry, I know you like me, and I am blowing you off. I must have been the fucking catch of the century for you, and I don’t mean that in a self-aggrandizing way. I mean that in a way demeaning of you. I wanted to go out with you because you are nineteen years old, and that made me hot, but what kind of fucking nineteen year old has saggy boobs. Apparently you used to be fat, and that’s why they’re like that– well, get fat again. And you live in a squalid, filthy studio in Inglewood and have no car, and when I sleep over it’s on a goddamn pullout sofa bed with a fucking— trying to think of a funny word for steel bar— whatever, with a steel bar pinioning you in the middle, or on your roommate’s brick-hard little futon-couch. And when you come to visit me I have to go pick you up at the train station, and then drop you off– no. Find yourself a nice local boy. Continue reading

Diary: Angry at OkCupid Profiles

28 Apr

God dammit— why are all you girls so fucking boring. This is how old I am, this is where I’m from, this is what I do– I love my job!  I love my family and friends!  Go fuck your family and friends.  I hope your family and friends are all on a bus and it explodes in a fiery wreck.  I hope your job fires you and you are forced to suck dick under an underpass. You will wish your family and friends were there to help you out, but they will have died in a fiery wreck.

Just— you fucking chickenshits have to start showing a little actual personality.  Who fucking cares what people think of you— you’re on the goddamn internet. Nobody cares.

Or— let’s just… let’s just assume you love your family and friends.  From now on, let’s only make it a point to mention them if you do not love your family and friends.  Everybody loves their family and friends, even me.  Let’s just say something about your family if they beat and molested you; that’s the only thing that could possibly make them interesting. Even I love my family, although I would gladly trade them in for a family with a shitload of money, and my friends I end up fully replacing about every year and a half.

The Socialist Nanny State Sounds Pretty Fucking Awesome

27 Apr

My friend had an abortion in Holland.  She’s hot, so my initial reaction after she told me was to go home and masturbate to the thought of popping off an unprotected nut in her.  But after that, I started thinking about socialism.

Because the whole story started out with this horror– there was some painful complication; she’d had to be hospitalized for weeks after, and it would have been a nightmare for this broke, wayward girl who is about as organized in life as any good looking unemployed actress in her twenties– it would have been a nightmare, except everything was taken care of and free.  There was no bill at the end of this abortion and then internal bleeding and weeks of inpatient care and then follow up home visits and friendly helpful people telling her what the next step would be at every part of the process. It was all free, and the people helping her out, who were employed by the government, were actually knowledgeable, caring and nice.  And from scraping Johann van der Guyinaband’s baby out of her to her final post-treatment evaluation was all part of one system, so, the nurse who told her there was some kind of ovarian hemorrhaging was able to say “don’t worry, we’re gonna take you to the state run hospital right next door and check you in and do some tests, and from there after you get released we’ll come to wherever you live and keep checking up on you for free.  So I know this sucks,” they would say compassionately, “but don’t worry, ’cause we’re gonna take care of you.”

In America, it would have been: you looking down between your feet in stirrups and seeing the abortionist cock an eyebrow suspiciously, maybe mutter, but ultimately say nothing.  And then afterward a squat, surly nurse in a briefing  room would force some forms on you saying you weren’t gonna sue before telling you you had some kind of complication and might want to go have a doctor look at it.  Wait, what?  What is it? Ma’am.  Ma’am– please, calm down ma’am.  I’m not allowed to discuss this with you, we recommend that you go to a qualified physician… and if you have insurance, you get home with your insides stinging and bleeding from having the guy in a band’s baby scraped out of you and the first thing you’d have to do is call the phone number on the back of your insurance card and ring… ring…

Para Español marque el numero “dos”Welcome to Blue Shield of California. If you are a health care provider, please press “one” now… (wait)… if you are a member, please say “I’m a member.”   “I’m a member”  I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. If you are a member, please say–”  “I’M A MMMEMMMBBEERRRR!!!!!” All right. Please say or enter your ten digit policy number... (beep beep boop beep)… Continue reading

Just Stay in the God Damn Shame Hut

27 Apr

I used to have period sex.

I also used to eat chicken that I’d left out for 48 hours at room temperature.  I’d grab half full beers at 4 am after a party off a crusty mantle covered with solo cups and pound them.  Half the time there would be a cigarette in it.  I used to jerk off while taking shits.  There are a lot of disgusting things I used to do.  No more, and period sex is one of them. I am no longer so desperate to get my dick into absolutely any kind of pussy anywhere that I will plunge it into this scabrous and foul smelling residue.

Because periods are fucking disgusting.  Completely natural of course, but, shit is completely natural.  Puke is completely natural.  Natural things we rightly shun and abhor.  This is why Hasids can’t touch a strange woman, in case she’s menstruating.  Why ancient Hebrews would make menstruating women squat in red tents. Why Native Americans would send them to an isolated lodge on stilts to run the impurity out of them.  It’s just gross. And it attracts bears.

I bring this up because I had a date last night who was cute, whom I liked, whom I took back to my apartment.  With whom it got physical.  Whom I clearly would have fucked. Clearly, except she was on her period. Continue reading

Diary New Year’s Day 2011: I Am a Massive Fucking Chickenshit

26 Apr

I should have kissed Anne at midnight.  What threw me was her talking about needing to find a guy to make out with.  This means: not you.  But still. I could have done it.  I ended up sleeping at her place.  I don’t remember going to bed, but I woke up next to her, surprised.  And I thought she might think I was her ex-boyfriend, and wake up and realize it was me, and be shocked and appalled.  But no.

She was an excellent sleeping partner.  She was wearing tights and would like, wrap her top leg around mine as we were spooning.  And put my hand in a comfortable place near her boobs.  I keep thinking- maybe I should have fucked her, but how?  I would have been too drunk to get a boner at night and in the morning my mouth tasted like rotten tequila.  Cut yourself some slack, dude.  You don’t have to fuck everybody.

Diary: New Year’s Eve 2010– Never Tell Me the Odds

26 Apr

Fuck- anyway.  Going to Anne’s. I will not be fucking Anne. Right?  Or I mean, what if I will be fucking Anne? That would be awesome.  But I will not be fucking Anne.

I mean, she just broke up with a dude—what does this mean?  Why do I care? She is not going to be my girlfriend.  I don’t want her to be my girlfriend. But I would like to see her naked.

I’m excited just to spend time around other human beings.  Especially chicks, who—like, a lot of my friends are hot chicks.  But there is literally no chance of me fucking them.  An earthquake could happen, and they could be splayed out naked, and I could also be naked with a boner and a beam from some building could fall on top of us at a serendipitous angle and force my dick into them, but still somehow I would not be fucking them. Whereas, Anne, and that friend of hers, there is merely a 99.99999 % chance that I will not be fucking them.  Somehow this is exciting to me.  Like, if pussy were money, I would be the guy who spends the last dollar from his welfare check on scratch tickets. Continue reading