The God of the Mockingbirds

17 Jun

In February the mockingbird had to start singing. He woke up the whole neighborhood.

When the sunlight was long enough a part of his brain grew. It made him listen to other birds’ songs around him. He’d memorize them. Then perch up as high as he could go. Yell them as loudly as he could. He wanted to do this like he wanted to breathe. There were about five kinds of birds that sang in the neighborhood. Sparrows. He’d sing their five songs over and over. Continue reading

Don’t Work

17 Jun

chinese couple

Anyone who says they made it working is lying. No exceptions. If they’re a man it’s dad’s money. A woman: dad’s money or she sold pussy. No exceptions. Men tell you it was software. Code for fake shit you don’t understand. Women tell you it’s some girl shit; interior design.

It’s dad’s money or selling dad pussy. Continue reading

Morning Diary: You Can All Suck My Dick

3 Jun
AM coyote

pic unrelated

The neighbors upstairs have a kid. Another on the way. The one, he’s maybe two now; he just stomps back and forth sixteen hours a day. They had the carpet ripped out. Pergo floors put in. They had the furniture replaced with church organs, machine guns; garbage trucks and backhoes constantly reversing. Cages of screaming jackals. He runs and turns around and runs across as much of the place isn’t taken up by the couch crib and TV. I only ask them to quiet down at night. When I’m trying to sleep so I can wake up at six, write something that someone will comment is a failure* and that I deserve my obscurity. Otherwise I can’t bring myself to crush his joy at just being alive to run from one place to another. Getting strong to chase the buffalo. Continue reading

Angel of the Morning

27 May
SA color



What Do You Do

Nest Egg

Second Date

No Exit

The Zombie Zone

His buddy told him: try Seeking Arrangement. I put that I’m worth two million. I take them to a sushi place. But not one where the chef doesn’t let you order. Middle income place; I tell them I don’t have time for courtship. Too busy. With what they don’t ask. I tell them before we set an allowance I have to sample the goods. Easy pussy.

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Ain’t Never Gonna Ever Love Again

13 May

She’ll never talk to me again. She drank too much. She broke my shit. She fucked the bartender from Ostrich Farm her second night staying with me. She made men pay for everything– rent food plane fare. I would have had to pay for her ticket to come visit me again. She needed it to feel pretty. But she was perfect. Continue reading

I Need to Fuck Someone, I Need to Post Something

16 Apr

sayla hut

I didn’t write this weekend. Instead I fucked an aborigine. The backs of her hands were burned. Giant nipples. Weird stuttered demarcation between regular and areola skin. A calico mole or meta-nipple coming off the top of one regular nipple. So much going on. Full untrimmed pussy but not too hairy. Not too tight either. IUD scratching my tip. Blasting in her with her on her stomach. As soon as I turned her over, felt her all squishy at that angle, I wanted to cum instantly. I did. Continue reading

Vacation Diary: The Vortex

28 Mar

sedona 1

Can’t look at my Sedona pics without that bad acid feeling. Haunted house feeling. People are right. There’s energy there. It’s evil. There was a massacre, something. I hiked to one of the attractions, a giant sinkhole. Hundred ton rocks had plummeted into the bowels of the Earth. I felt like an antenna picking up a TV station broadcast by Pennywise. Feel it again now talking about it. Last night before I slept. I carried it with me.
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