One Paragraph of OC

26 Jun

All you gotta do today is make one paragraph of OC. Continue reading


22 May

I didn’t need this life lesson. That I’m old and I’m gonna die. And before that the best part of me will get clipped off. Joy wit creativity and energy will leave me. I knew already. I knew since I was born. The reminder was not needed. I don’t want wisdom. I want to remain an idiot. Always thinking better days are around the corner. I’ll get well soon. My ship’s about to come in. Xochitl breaking up with her boyfriend means she’ll date me. I can bulk up my arms again. Stocks will go back up, et cetera. It’s not over.

I want to be an idiot. Tired of God teaching me. I want to be tempted by carnal pleasures. A hairsbreadth away from bailing on my job to get teenage Austronesian monkey pussy, eat coconuts and disappear.

The Phone

17 Apr

Taking the phone back was like taking a dog back to the shelter. The iPhone13 Pro. 512GB, in Sierra Blue. 120 hertz ProMotion display. Stainless steel side trim. The blue was so tasteful. It was the Antarctic Blue Clark W. Griswold wanted on his Super Sports Wagon. I had money and decided to get the best one they made. The battery didn’t dip no matter what you did. You can leave it playing Preston Jacobs videos all night. The animations imperceptibly smooth. Curved polished steel bright and warm. Continue reading

Bloop Bloop Bloop

31 Mar

If you end up like me it’s not so bad. But I failed. I tried hard to meet and marry a woman for 30 years. I couldn’t do it. I can’t like them and have them like me at the same time, without it blowing up. Continue reading

Anita Lopez

19 Mar

I want to fuck Anita Lopez, unprotected. I want to ejaculate in her when she’s ovulating in four days. Make her pregnant with quintuplets. She sells weed for a living. She’s 35, she’s getting a job at titty bar to put something on her taxes. I want her gravid with my champions. I want to suck her toes and lick the soles of her feet like a cow. I want to blast 3 days of no jerking off ropes in her instantly. Go off like a land mine when my helmet gets within four feet of her folds. Her unwashed heat wave crotch. I want to jerk my hips into her in a lizard brain reflex like a hanged man’s dance and pump the last few precious drops deep, deep so not one sperm cell drips free. Rear naked choke her and have her push up her ass in that angle that shortens the pussy pipe. Where you can feel the tip batter cervix. Blast and blast till my ribs collapse and my eyes pop out and my brain can’t make consonants. I want to impregnate Anita Lopez. Continue reading


6 Mar

On his birthday she’d caught Sammy masturbating into a pair of her panties. She was supposed to get him dressed and take him to their parents’ house for the party. She got him in a collared shirt and his best pants and packed up the candles in the shape of 2-0. Went to blow dry her hair and when she came out he was in his chair hunched over his crotch and it looked like he was shaking. I thought he was having a seizure, she said. I was so scared– Continue reading

Birthday 2022

20 Feb

God, thank you for my life. It’s a good one. Continue reading

Eight Years of Sobriety

12 Feb

I failed at major life milestones. But I haven’t killed anyone with my car. Gone to jail, etc. It’s a wash. As much money as a dropout coke addict starting from negative net worth could expect. I don’t spend it. As a “high score” it’s pathetic compared to any autistic person. I’m better than I was. But I’m about to hit 46 and my big achievement over COVID was 20 grand on therapy to give up my dream of a wife and kid. Continue reading

It’s Over

30 Jan

What the fuck else. I’m a broken and defeated man. Spiritually castrated. It feels great. The dream, the wife and kid dream keeps trying to sneak back. But it’s gone. I let it go. Continue reading

The Old Man Chair

31 Dec

2021 sucked ass. You can tell because I was productive. Doubled my net worth. Huge progress on the new book. It’s the worst thing I’ve done. Got no pussy. Helped others. Improved important life skills. I did things that men on Twitter who fell ass backwards into money tell you to. Vitamin D, invested, all that shit. God damn did it suck. Continue reading