Sexist Coffee Ad

19 Apr

I love this video.

I never think about feminism in terms of what shit actually used to be like.  I think about it in terms of what shit is like now, where feminism is people commenting on blog posts, battling an endless war over who has the bigger right to complain.  People demanding the right to walk down the street without feeling fear.  Not demanding that some specific thing change, or that someone do anything practical about anything, just– I demand somehow that I no longer experience the subjective emotion of fear.  I demand that I stop feeling pressured to look like a skinny girl in an ad.  I demand that men do something about this.  Men stop rape.  Etc.  Seventy seven cents on the dollar.  And then men somehow stupidly getting engaged in this meaningless battle, saying what about our complaints.  Our complaints are valid, how come you guys never think about us, etc., which– shut the fuck up, dude.  The only way to win here is not to play.  I love complaining as much as the next guy but once you get into complaining about other people complaining, and they fire back with how dare you complain, you can’t even begin to grasp the scope of my complaints, thousands of years of complaints, waah waah what about the menz, etc., which, yes, people who spend their entire intellectual lives complaining have a knee jerk reaction to infantilize and mock other people’s complaints.  Why go down this rabbit hole.

But you forget that there was a time when a guy could chew out and possibly even coldcock his wife for making a shitty cup of coffee. And this was about fifty years ago– a time when our parents were alive.  This wasn’t like, the Civil War, or ancient Rome– this shit was still  happening when there was television, and is probably still happening in Afghanistan and Alabama.

I look at this and think: holy shit, there was a time when a woman would have actually given a shit what I thought of her cup of coffee.  She would have actually cared about my opinion on something and wanted to do work to please me in some way.  I cannot believe this ever happened, that there was a time when women cared about making a man happy on this meaningless level of detail.

Someone used to give a fuck about whether or not I liked a cup of coffee. Now I’m making a shitty cup of coffee for some chick who’s only going to drink half of it and address my coffee with scorn and I better brew that shit fast because I STILL HAVE TO GO TO WORK IN THE FUCKING MORNING.  Now we both do.

You wanted to work, just because you couldn’t have it. And you had to find out the hard way that going to work is not the least bit fulfilling. And yes, sitting around the house with babbling children, listening to the See & Say groan that “the cow says: ‘moo’” for the ten thousandth time, with the voice weirdly low, slow and distorted because the little fucking retard can’t even pull the little lawnmower-string hard enough– that’s not fulfilling either, but that shit still has to fucking get done.  Now we both have to do everything and our lives have just become constant miserable pains in the ass.  And we can’t go back now; the cost of every motherfucking thing has become so inflated that we need two incomes and we can’t go back to a time when each of our lives was just half a pain in the ass.

Anyway.  This is the kind of shit antifeminists get wistful for.  Some cartoon of 1950’s life when someone gave a shit what they thought about stuff.  And in the dark reactionary corners of my mind, I crave it too.  Never mind that Folger’s Instant tastes like what I flushed out of my radiator and I probably would have got my balls shot off in Korea.

4 Responses to “Sexist Coffee Ad”

  1. Anonymous April 26, 2012 at 2:36 pm #

    Home duties are totally fun and way more instantly rewarding than most jobs. Getting to see the look on the bf’s face when he likes the meal I’ve made that took me forever to find because I want to be the the netflix or pandora of his eating habits. I’d much rather do that all day and clean and make babies than have a regular job. It’s annoying how that would be considered a kind of prositution by some, more than getting a “legit” job.

  2. OneOcean May 4, 2012 at 11:52 am #

    When I saw the title of this post I thought it would be about this sexist coffee ad: This ad shows the only difference between innocent office flirting and sexual harassment is the attractiveness of the person doing it.

  3. redditor March 2, 2013 at 11:43 pm #

    Eh, the ad is obviously in fun, even back then. There are similar nowadays. I have a serious job, call myself a feminist, and still care about making things pleasant for my husband, right down to the brand of coffee or yoghurt or bread he likes. And he cares about making life good for me as well. It’s just different roles from when that ad was made, when his contribution was all money.

    Extremists on any view are generally insane. You gotta not take militant feminists and then decry the state of western women or whatever it is you’re doing. Just search out good people and have them in your life.

    But it is problematic that two income households -> prices being so high it’s hard to make the choice of a one income household….


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