Drunk Thoughts on Global Capitalism

8 Jan

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Previously on “Drunk Thoughts”

Last night I consumed a pint of Christian Brothers® brandy from Royale Junior Liquor Market and sat down to determine my position on global capitalism and the future of the labor market.  This was not inspired by Drunk History:

There are three people who want a job for every job. This doesn’t count people who said “fuck it” and just left the workforce. People underemployed, part time, cleaning toilets with a lit degree.

We don’t make anything physical in America now. The thing we do make, computer code– Mark Zuckerberg is lobbying congress so he can import labor for it. Otherwise he might have to train people. Those people might take that training and do something with it other than make him richer. Can’t have that.

It will get worse. Practically, there will be no jobs soon. First you will be replaced by cheap overseas labor. Then cheap overseas labor will be replaced by robots.

We hear this and we ask: but what will we do for work?

How will we be slaves?

Everyone is broke and underemployed. Leadership gets elected by promising them jobs. We’re gonna put this great nation back to work. America is a great nation. But Americans are fucking cretins. Who will create jobs? Nobody. Real jobs are gone forever. And all real jobs ever did was murder your life to make some jerkoff richer. Don’t demand jobs. Demand money. Take your jobs and shove them right up your ass.

Every other first world country, this is how it works: when people protest, they demand money. Social programs. Redistribution. We then look down on them. Lazy communist freeloaders. Not like me, I’m the most dedicated free market smoker of grisly millionaire cock in the world, sir. I’ll clock hours I don’t bill for, sir; I’ll get my hand chopped off by sheet metal and won’t sue. I’m happy never to see my kids, sir. To drink cheap beer in front of the TV as my dead-eyed wife snores under the Afghan; once she’s good and passed out I’ll sneak on the internet and pump one off to some Creampie Thais, sir. Thank you so much for making these quality electronic goods so affordable. I’m the best worker bee you’ll ever have, sir, not like these lazy Greeks, Spaniards, Portuguese who want to take an hour– an hour! away from work and drink tea and have siestas. Not like these socialist bums who demand a pension, sir, sick time, sir, vacation, sir– I will suck your musky corporate dick and tickle your smelly gray balls for a free market driven wage, sir. A free market driven wage in a free market that now includes places where you can dump mercury in the well next to a schoolhouse. Places where the water gives you worms. Where young people fight to the death over the right to sleep forty to a room in windowless bunkers that stink of farts, spend their free market wage on speed to stay awake so their head doesn’t droop down into panes of iphone glass whizzing by, molten baths of solder. That is your wage competition. People one generation removed from their life savings being a water buffalo. Zero generations removed from selling their daughters. Their organs.

Well these people work hard, not like you coddled college kids. I dare you whiners to try picking strawberries for one day, ya bums! And we pay ’em two dollars an hour because YOU want cheap strawberries. They line up to get it! Look at your fancy new phone! Ha! What if that phone cost more? You wouldn’t like that, would ya?

Yeah, I’m sure picking strawberries sucks. And I don’t deserve to eat any more than the pickers do, or the kid at the phone factory does. But it’s a moot point. Once two lines cross each other on a graph at Consolidated Strawberry International, it’ll be a machine picking those suckers. Anything that grows on a tree they already shake off with a machine. They’ll make one that works on a bush. Stoop labor will be in the same boat as the rest of us. Useless. If you don’t work you are useless. It is useless to just be a human being.

Work will go to the third world, then to the machines. Then get one of them STEM degrees, why don’t ya? Tell the robots what to do!

That’ll last you for a bit. Then the robots will be told what to do in India. Then the robots will tell themselves what to do. The Prime Directive will be to get a hold of whatever anyone else has left and funnel it to the Walton family.

There is not enough work now and there never will be again. They will figure out how to ship everything to the Third World. Once they get uppity, everything that can be automated will be. Governments might resist. But corporations don’t give a fuck about governments anymore. They are global. They will take their money wherever they can fuck people the most. Plenty of hungry holes on this planet. Apple is an Irish company now. So is facebook. No taxes in Ireland apparently. Fiddle dee fuckin dee. Every cruise ship ad says “ships registered in Liberia.” It’s not because of Liberia’s rich naval history and stringent maritime safety laws.

Companies will go where they can, do what they can, to fuck the most people the hardest. They must. They have an ethical obligation to maximize short-term gain for shareholders. A fiduciary duty to screw their customers and employees as much as they can get away with. Cut costs. Cut services. Cut bloat. You are bloat. Labor costs are a thing they tear their hair out over. Used to be taxes, too. But they bought governments and laws. They made taxes disappear. Soon they will buy robots and make you disappear. You and your simpering demands for food, medicine and leisure. If they pay you, they hate you. They want to make you go away. They will succeed.

Then what.

Unless you inherited something, you own nothing. And you never will. You own debt. The bank owns you. You get a bill every month for what you “own” and you better work to pay it. So much for your assets.

What the fuck happens when nobody does anything anymore? We gotta start figuring this shit out now. You won’t be growing your own food. Every piece of arable land in the country is owned by one corporation. That’s an exaggeration, but just barely. So what will all these people do? What will they be for?

I don’t know– fucking. Singing. Swimming in the creek. Playing board games. Jerking off between rounds of robot built Playstation 15. This idea of the nobility of work– “the pride of having a job”– kill it. It’s a relic of the witch-burning 1600’s freaks who poisoned this country from the get go. The puritans believed toil was sacred. They also believed in the death penalty for masturbation. Fuck those Thanksgiving decoration-looking prigs and everything they stood for.

What will I do for work? Forget that. How about this instead– hey rich man: give me free money. Hey government: use your force monopoly to take the Waltons’ dough and guarantee everyone a living for doing nothing. Kill the welfare bureaucracy and replace it with a straight check. 25 grand a year tax free for every human being over 18. If you want more you can work. Good luck with that. I’ll be jerking off.

It’ll never happen. Capitalism will burn to its natural end. Five families will own the Earth. Rest of us will be fucked. You won’t get a job cleaning their toilet. You won’t even be able to sell them your daughter. There will be robots for that.

We’ll be useless. Worthless. Or, we’ll be worth the value of our organs to the Waltons and Mark fucking Zuckerberg the 5th. Christ wept.

Fuck man, I better get more booze.


34 Responses to “Drunk Thoughts on Global Capitalism”

  1. rawbaby January 8, 2014 at 4:57 pm #

    There’s a hourly deal on Amazon Prime for some Russian swill.

  2. ben January 8, 2014 at 5:41 pm #

    teach English in China, according to Vice this is in high demand:


    those who can’t do, teach.

    you’ll probably get tons of underaged ass out there too. no more thirst.

  3. ZaZu Spitzbergen January 8, 2014 at 6:09 pm #

    Been tried. You really don’t want a government with THAT much power. Seriously. It wont need your vote any more, and then what are you worth to it? Dog food.

    But whatever, doesn’t matter what you or I think. Zuck wants the jesus government that you want because he IS big enough for them to care about (he thinks). So we’ll get it anyway.

  4. puaeconomistgenius January 8, 2014 at 7:19 pm #

    But dude, don’t you know AUSTRIAN ECONOMICS? It’s the newest final answer to everything for the pua gamer literati with pretentions to knowing the secret way the world works. Don’t you know, if we stop sucking capitalist cock and take their money they’re going to take their ball and go home! Then what will we do?

  5. orion January 9, 2014 at 3:35 am #

    In the Dark ages, 80-90% worked in the fields.

    Then more sophisticated methods came along, oxen where replaced by horses, field rotation and so on.

    Cities grew, the number of artisans grew, guilds emerged, so did a financial system.

    Guilds were surpassed by manufactures, those were replaced by factories and all the time trade was growing.

    In recent times, lots of mental labor was replaced by computers.

    And every time, every fucking time, there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth, because OMGDZ!!!!, what about the XYZ, while we as a society get more productive and richer and richer and richer, which is something the poor benefit most from.

    The good news is that this will never end without some hard outside limit we dont know of because humans are greedy fuckers that will never be satisfied, our demands are limitless, therefore there will always be new jobs we cant even think of yet.


    If that is how the game is played, start your own company.

    If you do not have the skills, aquire them, if you do not have the balls, well, go suck some capitalist dick then.

    I would say that a giant redeeming quality of them evil, evil corporations is that even people who lack any drive, skills or ambition can stil maintain a lifestyle surpassing that of 80% of the world population just by nine to fiving it stocking shelves, or flipping burgers. +

    • AW February 11, 2014 at 10:06 am #

      “And every time, every fucking time, there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth, because OMGDZ!!!!, what about the XYZ, while we as a society get more productive and richer and richer and richer, which is something the poor benefit most from.”

      You know that in every incident of re-ordering cited in your post, the problem worked itself out through catastrophic famine……right?

      • SGT Caz February 11, 2014 at 12:23 pm #

        I’m not going to say that any of this is good news for the people who end up with a greater distance between their position and the position of the elite classes. Relativity matters far more than most people give it credit for.

        But be serious for a second. The catastrophic famines happened mostly because people outbred the capacity of agriculture, a la Malthus. Either that or Stalinism. Gotta be clear about that, because some people seem to be under the impression that we had food, and it didn’t get to people because poor. That was, and is, incredibly rare. Throughout history, even slaves have generally gotten food if there was food to be had, as letting them starve is terrible business.

        Now, if you’re making a more subtle claim, like underproduction from agriculture because of market conditions, then you have no historical context to what you’re saying and you’re simply wrong. That was not how the economy worked then. It’s never been how the economy works. Markets don’t turn people into ruthless calculation-obsessed monsters, even at the top. Anyone who can or will do anything of value at all is going to be worth more than dog food, despite what ZaZu up there thinks. It makes them demand accountability systematically, which is what leftists hate.

  6. Ricky Vaughn January 9, 2014 at 8:10 am #

    Re: “Give us money, Wal-Mart”

    There is not enough money to redistribute. This is why Greece, Italy, France, Great Britain, and soon to be the United States, are broke. Even Sweden and Norway have had to cut back on their welfare states.

    There could be a glorious Communist Revolution and the people could seize the means of production and have a giant fiesta, but in one year the machinery and infrastructure would be rotting, the funds would have run out, and starvation and civil war would break out.

  7. Anonymous January 9, 2014 at 1:55 pm #

    You’re like an angrier but less funny Mark Driver (aka Blind Wino).

  8. filbert January 9, 2014 at 5:00 pm #

    someone needs new pussy.

  9. SGT Caz January 9, 2014 at 6:38 pm #

    Christ, it sounds like you really believe it, that you want the socialism and the elimination of the expectation of work. Listen, Tacos, you’re a fun writer, but when you make the case for “men shouldn’t have to be subservient to business owners” case, you also make the “women shouldn’t have to be subservient to men” case with the exchange of a few proper nouns. You don’t get to say you want autonomy and strip it away from others because the consequences suck. Hierarchy is not an option; you just have to choose your flavor, and a business hierarchy is better than the electoral popularity contest hierarchy.

    This is what’s fun about economics, though: when you have a system that runs on numbers and exchanges with cost, it forces a bit of honesty. And the honest truth is, unless we can use each other, we ARE worthless to each other. Europeans have centuries of cultural identity and shit to fall back on for their sense of self, but Americans know their worthlessness deep down, and so Americans are terrified of not working. Their value is zero without a purpose.

    The world is an instrumentalist game. What would you expect, that people are driven by empathy and compassion? Fuck that, it’s all power games, and losers lose.

    Anyway, give people the check, and you’ll just get inflation, so why bother? Shit, for that matter, why bother with the middle class at all? There’s no point to wasting all those resources for the sake of people’s material welfare. They really don’t care: having an adequate amount of stuff is totally relative. The whole consumerist mess is just symbolic dick-swinging, but at least it’s distracting. Put more shit on your credit card, and you’ll feel better!

    It shouldn’t matter to me, either. Caring about waste is for a culture with a future, and we don’t have one. But once you go there, all you can get is distracted from it. You can’t go back. You obviously have not yet plumbed the depths, so I recommend Sailor Jerry spiced rum, cheap and tasty. Cheers, motherfucker!

  10. trustmeimcool January 9, 2014 at 9:17 pm #

    Awesome. Finally a dude who writes like a dude who isn’t sucking aristocrat dick like “manosphere” writers.

    You’ve pretty much summed it up, but since you are writing in a literary style and those commentors above are responding to you as though you wrote a practical blueprint for society, please let me spite-reply to them myself:

    To the mighty historian “Orion”:

    “If that is how the game is played, start your own company. If you do not have the skills, aquire them.”

    It’s true we still have a relatively respectable amount of opportunity in the US, thanks to technology (specifically technology developed by public funds outside the “free market,” like computers and internet) and not having used up all the non-renewable resources yet…

    But ff a few hundred million people did acquire “the skills”, then what? How many Facebook CEOs or department store owners do you think the world will accommodate? And if they have skills and no capital?

    To “SGT Caz” and his terror of women not being subservient to men (spoiler alert: they aren’t anyway):

    “There is not enough money to redistribute.”

    There is as much money as the govt allows private banks to wish into being, but that’s not the point.

    There is already more than enough food produced (for example) to feed the world, and lots of other potentially productive farmland to be brought into use or seriously improved if there were the “votes” (dollar or otherwise) to do it. But a billion people are chronically hungry and a lot more live in fear of that.

    There is not a natural, physical limit to producing medicines and medical care for the whole world.

    There is a natural (albeit evolving) limit to the amount of energy society can use, but that could be increased best by public regulation (for efficiency, conservation, etc) and public investment that the current market won’t undertake (renewables, cleaner non-renewable tech, mass transit, giant long-shot breakthroughs, etc).

    Minimum guaranteed income + science-based public regulation = maximal freedom for all.

    True (unlikely to be realized) story.

    • SGT Caz January 11, 2014 at 12:32 am #

      Take thirty seconds to re-read my post, then tell me how I’m the kind of brain-dead Austrian dipshit your reply makes me out to be. I didn’t say anything about there not being enough money, or enough resources, or anything of the sort. There’s tons of shit, so long as you can motivate a group of people to maintain the machines that makes it, and the necessary size of that group gets smaller with every advancement in automation.

      You poor guy. You think freedom is about HAVING ENOUGH STUFF?! You think struggle happens because people are materially deprived?! You think all this socio-political shit is a simple engineering problem that humanist good intentions can solve?!

      You poor guy. You know nothing of your species. Typical American: spoiled straight to pure idiocy.

      All of it is about power, every last bit of it. No wonder you think I’m terrified of women not being subservient to men. I KNOW they’re not subservient to men and games will always be played, as they always have. But I also realized about myself that what I want in a relationships is leverage and authority. If you don’t think this of yourself, then you don’t know yourself yet. I’ve met lots of people in deep, layered denial of this with the most amusing views on what constitutes justice and morality, trying to wrap their own desires in a shroud of righteousness, but I’ve never met a single human being who didn’t want power underneath it.

      • docillusion January 11, 2014 at 7:23 am #

        Damn straight, son. They seem to imagine that everyone can have free shit, since there is an excess of shit being produced. They don’t realize that billions of people are busting their ass to produce all this food, medicine and other stuff.

        Everyone cannot just quit working because there is a surplus. Someone has to do the work, build things, maintain the infrastructure, invent things.

        If all the crasftsmen in the world (electricians, welders, mechanics, millwrights, crane operators, machinists) adopted this point of view and took a few days off, society would collapse. The lights would go out. No heat, no A/C, no water, toilets don’t work. Dark ages instantly.

        You think everything is done by robots? I work at a mostly automated modern facility. It still takes over a thousand people to run and maintain.

  11. orion January 10, 2014 at 12:56 am #

    To the defeatist trustmeimcool:

    if hundreds of millions of people required those skills we would be like in the 1900s in the US.

    Company owners would bitch and moan because it would be so hard to find skilled workers because everyone wanted to start his own business an dwages would rise.

    Plus, your snarky “historian” is cute, because what I wrote is true, even if I was a plumber, which, interestingly enough, would mean that I would have aquired a skillset that allowed me to own my own business.

    And to make money off the books too, so you dont finance the “MAN”.

  12. jose January 10, 2014 at 12:47 pm #

    Great Post!

    Looks like we are all going to get fat and suffer from high cholesterol!

  13. murderofcrows January 11, 2014 at 5:25 am #

    Long time reader, first time commenter. Great Post! Well said. Just gotta ride out the decline and make the most of it.

  14. Michelle Morgan January 11, 2014 at 6:42 am #

    I want the job of standing inside the fence poking zombie brains. Then later showering and eating canned whatever, smoking a ciggie then sleeping.

  15. x January 18, 2014 at 8:48 am #

    You drink. It’s FINE.
    Stop worrying about it.

  16. Fredulous January 25, 2014 at 9:38 am #

    Prostitution. Human compassion and sexuality will become the greatest of commodities. People will pay to not require the use of their mood organs and rely on synthetic feelings. Pimps are the Zuckerbergs of the future.

  17. Barry February 1, 2014 at 9:43 am #

    To SGT Caz, orion, and all the power-hungry, self-styled Uebermenschen out there, I have one question:

    Does morality ever enter into your considerations? Specifically, do the notions of compassion and sacrifice hold any meaning to you, beyond the merely academic? For if not, then what is there to separate you, at heart, from the psychopathic bastards at the top of the food chain? Are you not the slightest bit interested in being fundamentally different from those who have caused, and who continue to cause, the world such woe?

    I know whereof I speak. Once, I was a mathematics professor, communications researcher, and real estate agent. I taught at elite schools, did cutting-edge research, and sold properties that were top of the line. But it all meant nothing to me absent the human element, the element that joys in kindnesses shared and efforts freely given, of being able to help those less fortunate than you – to use YOUR power to benefit others without expecting anything in return, rather than totally and ruthlessly focus on your own concerns.

    In the last few years, I’ve put feet to my words through live-in, unpaid volunteer work as well as giving of myself in other ways. I don’t say the way I chose is THE way, as there as many ways to give of oneself as there are people. What I AM saying is: Consider your ways. I once did my best to adhere to a conscienceless mindset, for I believed it was the only way to truly be successful. I was narcissistic, obsessed with power and how to get more of it, and didn’t give a damn if the Apocalypse happened that much more quickly due to my actions, just so long as I “got mine” in the meantime. But I was empty inside: I lived for the satisfaction of my ego as well as the adoration of others, but all the accomplishments on my resume, and all the money I had in the bank, couldn’t come close to filling my hollow core.

    To close, I will say that I don’t advocate being a doormat. Self-interest guides all of our decisions, and that makes perfect sense from an evolutionary standpoint, if nothing else. That being written, do not forget the words attributed to Christ:

    “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Mark 8:36)

    • SGT Caz February 1, 2014 at 1:37 pm #

      You have been so well programmed.

      It’s amazing. You see the world in black and white terms, the self-sacrificing as good and the empowered as bad. You know it in your SOUL. But you don’t advocate being a doormat, no, of course not. You think your morality is objective? You poor bastard. Tragic, being born without an imagination.

      When you assume, you make an ass of… well, I’m sure you know. Think I haven’t been on different sides of all this? Think the “SGT” comes from being a part of something where I hurt or kill for pleasure? Think I came to Nietzsche in search of a high-minded excuse to impose myself on everyone else? I’ve heard this many times, and you need to calm your tits. You know not a damn thing about what you’re talking about.

      I certainly don’t buy this idea that you’ve “given freely” when you throw your sanctimonious, self-righteous morality-feces around here like any other human jockeying for recognition and respect. You want to be selfless? Shut up. If Christians wanted to be truly self-sacrificing, they would stop with the missionary work.

      But you won’t. You’ve been SO well programmed.

      We all want to find ways we can interact that work. There are plenty of them. The ones that work all incorporate some kind of hierarchy. Every culture on earth has a hierarchy. Hating that hierarchy, calling them “psychopathic bastards,” is not the sign of an enlightened mind. Imaginative people might try to understand where they’re coming from with the same neutrality or empathy they try to understand the poor, pathetic huddled masses. But we aren’t an imaginative people.

      Those Christian ideals of yours were established by an institution called the Roman Catholic Church, which programmed Western culture into hating all WORLDLY hierarchy so effectively that you can assume everyone who respects the powerful is corrupt. Disagree with you, wise one, and I’ve lost my soul. You define enlightenment through a lens built for you by… a different hierarchy.

      You fool. I didn’t lose my soul; I gained it. Having power as an individual is not my concern; living in a society I can identify with, run by people I can respect, is my concern. I care about others, just without the delusion that it’s “altruism” as opposed to an investment. Good on you, if you can believe that being used by people in exchange for nothing, to include basic respect, yields spiritual rewards. Christianity has spent 1700 years instilling that in you, and you really seem to believe that it makes you superior.

      You’ve been SO WELL PROGRAMMED!

      The finest code writer at Microsoft couldn’t program an Android app with the completeness and unblinking responsiveness you have been programmed with.

      In other societies, spreading an ideal of pure service in exchange for absolutely nothing at all would be called slavery. Those other societies are right. This one is wrong.

      • Barry February 1, 2014 at 5:25 pm #

        Thanks for the laugh, SGT. You’ve demonstrated your amorality amply to me. “Respect” the demons in our midst to your heart’s content; all you’ll be doing is showing that you have no soul with which to begin, either to gain OR lose. And as for the matter of service, I never portrayed it in the all-or-nothing terms of which you accuse me – you really must develop the ability to demonstrate nuance in your reasoning. Binary thinking will be your downfall every time.

        Two quick points:

        (1) I’m an atheist. I DEPROGRAMMED myself from Christianity, and your comments therefore demonstrate your narrow-mindedness, ignorance, and foolishness. “When you assume, you make an ass of…” Hope you enjoy living in a glass house, because you sure take license in assuming WRONGLY about me.

        Blows your little mind, doesn’t it, to encounter a self-deprogrammed atheist who’s developed a strong moral code **independent** of any religious teachings….

        (2) Evil is real and it is pervasive, and I don’t need a priest, minister, rabbi, “good book”, or whatever, to tell me that. Do yourself a favor: Read Lobaczewski’s book “Political Ponerology” and enlighten yourself. What is “ponerology”, you ask? The study of evil, done from a scientific viewpoint. Applied to our age, it can be viewed as the study of our zeitgeist, based on the worship of the self – something into which you have allowed YOURSELF to be programmed hook, line, and sinker. Damn… does your post drip with irony, or what.

        I’ve said all I’ll say on this matter; I’m sure you’re looking forward to having the final word on this matter, misguided though it will be. But in your reply, try to keep one important thing in mind: Per Nietzsche, I advocate behavior that transcends both mere master and slave moralities (and before you bang your keyboard in objection, try to remember what I told you about the dangers of binary thinking). You’re not going to agree, though, because my views don’t give you full freedom to stride the earth like a colossus, trampling all of the “little people” who dare to get in your way.


      • SGT Caz February 2, 2014 at 12:57 am #

        you’re cute, you know that?

        Read a book on “penorology” and you think you know something? I’m supposed to take you word for it? Because of, what, a four paragraph reply to an internet post? Oh how SUPERIOR you must be…

        I don’t give a fuck if you’re an atheist in your own head. Your one-dimensional perspective on morality is the result of being influenced by a Judeo-Christian culture that’s every bit as stupid as it smells. How do you not know this? Jesus, I’m three-sheets-to-the-wind drunk right now, and you still sound stupid. How the fuck do you keep saying things that are so sanctimonious while maintaining your self-esteem? Even a complete moron would say something at this point that sounds somewhat deep and sophisticated, but you? NOOOOOO!!! HAHAHA!!! Jesus, I shouldn’t have plowed down all that Sailor Jerry… but you’re still an idiot.

        Oh, I’m such a big, impressive Colossus, so amoral, RAWR!!! I’m transcending master and slave morality! SO AWESOME! RAWR!!! You, sir, are simply too stupid to comprehend the gravity of subjectivism. Poor bastard. I DEPROGRAMMED MYSELF FROM CHRISTIANITY! HAHAHAHA!!! I’m so enlightened, wow, many depth.

        You couldn’t deprogram yourself from a county fair hypnotist. I expected some fluff out of you, some kind of resistance to the idea of being a programmed drone to Judeo-Christian moral ideology, and what do you give me? A totally self-absorbed fucksped who’s self-esteem is so fragile, that you just have to respond in the most dense possible fashion to my incredibly disrespectful comments in the DeliciousTacos corner of the Interwebs. Oh how SUPERIOR you must be. Say something more about how I’m thinking in binary as you call the capitalist classes of this country a bunch of psychopaths, in the midst of the highest material standard of living in human history.

        Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to go to church in the morning, and I’m going to ask God, my own personal homeboy, “why the shit do you create these morons, who really believe their own bullshit?”

        And God will likely say, “Because, my son, you need to see just how stupid people look when some jackass decides to try and get a hard-on from a random internet argument. You must see the degree of solipsism and idiocy that can go in to an ego without understanding its own irrelevance. You know why you have to see it? Because it’s FUCKING HILARIOUS!! I created this on purpose, for entertainment alone. Good versus evil all the way, with full pseudo-intellectual backing, and they will accuse you of binary ideas with no evidence whatsoever! HAHAHA!!!! There’s no better opener to watching the Seahawks get beat down by the Broncos! Have a beer, my son! Enjoy the nachos and cheesecake bites at Buffalo Wild Wings! These fools are here for your entertainment! ”

        Dude, shut your fucking whore mouth and enjoy the Super Bowl. Talk shit on Monday, when I’m recovering from the hangover and have time to talk shit back. Maybe enjoying some sport will enlighten you on how to be a sportsman. It’s a debate. Start there, and enjoy the game. Accusing me of binary thinking after two posts of pure facile sanctimony obsessed with good versus evil, Jesus fuck…

  18. orion February 2, 2014 at 4:47 pm #

    Yes Barry. morality actually entered my though processes, I made the money, I get to decide how it is used.

    Its cute if a parasite whose whole paradigm is based on me providing, questions my moral decisions.

    Its like meeting an uppity tapeworm….


  19. loveyou May 4, 2014 at 11:36 am #

    Great post, my oppinion is exactly the same. I’m so sick of how people have been braiwashed to lick rich people’s arses.

    • SGT Caz May 4, 2014 at 1:23 pm #

      I’m really tempted to not respond to this, just because of how much of an ass I made of myself the last time I posted, but it keeps popping up in my feed and it keeps being stupid, so one more time, for old time’s sake:

      People have not been programmed to lick the rich’s assholes. Quite the opposite, just about every form of mass communication and entertainment – including Delicious Tacos, evidently – sets up their narratives to make the rich the bastards who are fucking everything up. It doesn’t have to be as naked as Elysium or as politically all-encompassing as socialism to be on that train.

      People hate those who have more power than they do. You haven’t been programmed to hate the rich, any more than you’ve been programmed to hate politicians, but you hate both naturally, and people who would use you to overpower those currently with power will needle it out of you every time.

      If you lived in the old Soviet Union, it would be the Party or the nomenclatura you would hate; they were aware of this, and thus controlled communication to the degree that they could. This is the war that everyone with power has to fight, and the idea that we should be rebelling for its own sake, on the assumption that whatever would come of a change just HAS to be better than the status quo, is puerile, womannish bullshit.

      Men do two necessary things better than women: force and production. Both are best accomplished in formally organized hierarchies. The failure of men to be able to legitimize their hierarchies is what’s going to keep fucking us if men intend on gaining power back, and this idea that capitalism and consumerism are the same thing and the rich are the problem IS something you’ve been programmed to believe. The choice is between hierarchy and egalitarianism, between and honest power game and a full deck of lies, and if you think the rich are fucking us, then you’ve chosen option B and you’re the problem.

  20. j May 30, 2014 at 3:37 pm #

    The Bilderberg group is meeting right now, I think. I bet they’re discussing this very topic in a smoky boardroom. ‘The robots are nearly ready; soon human labor will be superfluous. Should we give everyone a basic income so they can masturbate and play video games and breed without a population cap like cockroaches and cover the earth in a teeming mass of room-temperature IQ garbage-makers, or should we release this weaponized strain of smallpox, fuck off to the bunker for a while, and emerge into a world reborn?’

    Think how many times you’ve been stuck in traffic or read about the ocean dying and wished there were fewer people in the world. The ultra-rich must have those same thoughts. And soon, they won’t need us anymore.

  21. click here June 20, 2014 at 8:29 am #

    Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post!
    It is the little changes that will make the largest changes.
    Many thanks for sharing!

  22. baal sacc March 10, 2019 at 11:36 pm #

    at first, tacos might come off as a soft liberal male feminist, but many of his predictions have come true. you can see him as a sage or idiot savant, but the man is living, breathing, thinking, and dare i say it, feeling, as he goes through the motions of an increasingly complex life. which is a lot more than what other brain-dead news-watching retards are doing outside of their 9-5. the big picture, in my opinion, is to let go. the best move is to not play their game. be a neet if you can. mooch off family. crash on their couch or your friends. be homeless. if you don’t want to work, or can’t get hired, fuck it. prolong your unemployment as much as you can, if you want, and do it in a way that suits your needs. start a business,yeah yeah its been said a thousand times but people do it and its possible. if you want to write, just fucking write. start writing anonymously. shitpost. takes 2 mins to set up a twitter. write some shit on fb that makes their censors doubt reality. do it enough that you get good at it. the not-so-secret trick that worked for del tacos is, he wrote under an anon pen name. not using your real legal name is a very smart strategy, because it disconnects you from your self-conscious, hyper-critical ego. if you wanna do something just do it. i know it sounds cliche but that’s really what it boils down to. don’t even worry about making money off of your passion. do it for fun. do it to laugh.

    98% of people don’t write, don’t paint, don’t make music, don’t get good at ANYTHING, because they have been brainwashed into becoming corporate slaves and consumerist drones. tacos showed us he can write for 5+ years and start self-publishing good books that people buy and enjoy. its not enough *yet* to quit wagecucking but it’s a great step in the right direction. fuck the system. make it work for you. use all tools available. amazon, ebay, whatever. make something. make content. stop consuming overpriced garbage made by corporations who hate you.


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