2 Feb

Her father was a speaking in tongues cultist. He had a sugar cane and pig farm in Kentucky. The cane keeps the pigs in.

I want to be with her again, right now, pulling her panties to the side staring into her winking asshole as she’s on top of me backwards rubbing my filthy feet. Tonguing down her perfect pussy which as a man once said tastes like water; she’s 20 years old; she has an 8 month old infant by a chef she says is abusive; she lives with him; there’s milk coming out of her tits which means I can blast in her. I can’t smell her pussy on my finger anymore. Other women are garbage compared to a 20 year old and she’s probably garbage compared to a (REDACTED) year old.

I want to be with her again now in the June heat with her sweat getting in my hair; choking her until she sputters and not asking permission to cum in her while her asshole bites down on that same finger, which in this scenario I would not smell later.  

7 Responses to “Hannah”

  1. wearing all black and a rice hat to taunt mutt-faced half-mexican half-"native american" vietnam vet who torched villages February 2, 2019 at 8:38 pm #

    yeah, im thinkin hes back

  2. Savage Thrust February 3, 2019 at 1:12 am #

    Can I die now?

  3. Old reader with a new name February 3, 2019 at 6:15 am #

    You’ve created your own cult. You worship at the altar of pussy.

    It’s just a slit, man.

    Live a little.

    • buy tacos' books so he can retire at age 55 instead of age 65+ February 3, 2019 at 9:02 am #

      Agree. pussy gets old, especially if you’re fucking the same hole and she’s over 30. any man still dating or banging chicks age 30+ is going to feel chronic existential despair. for dt he got some young ones and also channeled his angst into humorous satire.

      if you want to see what’s beyond the slit, here are some ideas:
      1. hunting/fishing – makes you feel more like a man to get food from the wild than from the fucking grocery store. for example: this guy is basically 50 years old and look how healthy he is: https://www.instagram.com/jeffbarron70 … that’s the type of physique you cannot get from gym + meal prep city faggotry. its also fun to track and kill an animal. jeff barron also raised a qt daughter so its not like he’s some sort of weird “incel”. from his vids it sounds like he’s adopted a life of sublime appreciation for nature, even though he kills things, he’s part of the natural balance. and it also sounds like he’s volcel without ever having to say it or talk about women. it’s basically a southern version of BAP without the anti-zog fixation.

      2. get extremely political, buy a one-way ticket to paris france and join the yellow jackets. fight and potentially die for the anti-zog side. this will make you feel alive. once you realize who the real enemies are, you don’t want to participate in semitic activities like trying to bang sluts. most of us have been brainwashed by tv and movies to believe we should be having tons of sex without procreative intent. Entourage, Wedding Crashers, whatever show or movie it was that led you down this path, that’s what drives most men at a subconscious level. sure there’s also a NATURAL urge/desire to fuck a huge variety of girls but somehow the entertainment industry has warped and inflamed that desire. we’re suffering from ego inflammation at this point, and excessive obsession with pussy due to porn and the softcore shit they put out via mainstream tv/movies. the solution to pussy-obsession is to go on a real anti-Macron rampage, even if you’re not french. this is basically the full anti-zog path that matches the BAP mindset.

      3. stop caring entirely. drop out. find some tradwife like Varg Vikernes did and fill her with 5+ kids. get on welfare. if its not enough get support from friends/family or her friends/family. write books and music to supplement income. live an extremely minimalist and austere lifestyle. have a few weapons for self-protection once the starving communist/brown/whatever hoards head your direction. learn how to shoot how to kill how to hunt, but don’t participate in political shit because you’re out gunned and zogtroopers have a license to kill whites. this is basically similar to option 1 above, but with the tradwife and kids included. check out Varg’s vids if you haven’t already. he still does care about world-wide current events so i think that’s the last hurdle for him, to just stop giving a fuck about how bad things are because at the end of the day zog is too powerful. he’s basically the opposite of delicioustacos. Varg never drank never did drugs and hates degeneracy. he’ll probably live until age 95 and turn into Gandolf the White.

      personally for me i’m going with option 1 for now. i don’t believe i’ll ever find a non-degenerate tradwife under the age of 20. so i’ll focus on myself and the hunting/fishing/lifting/writing/nofap option. i’m done with women. if i get too horney & lonely i’ll pay a vegas hooker or beat off to save the plane ticket cost and $150 hole entrance fee. and if zog and their cops/golems come for me for whatever IRS reason (with them its always about money and debt) then at least i’ll know how to aim and shoot.

      • buy tacos' books so he can retire at age 55 instead of age 65+ February 3, 2019 at 9:18 am #

        the quick rundown or “tl;dr” version of the above Alternatives to Women-Worship:

        1. go hunting/fishing. do stuff your father didn’t do with you because he was a money-obsessed boomer piece of shit. learn how to be a true man in the wild. eat wild meat and grow stronger. look up “jeff barron” as the ultimate example of this lifestyle.

        2. fly to france. start torching teslas, smashing bank windows and eventually hang/guillotine the corrupt puppet politicians. risk your life. fight for what you believe in. you might lose an eye or get thrown in prison, but hey, better to live a day as a lion than an entire life as a sheep. even though sheep are tasty and cute its just not a good way to live, as a food source for your masters.

        3. go find a qt fertile tradwife with naturalist beliefs and go build a family with her in the woods. look up “varg vikernes” as the ultimate example of this lifestyle.

        i guess we must include the 4th and final option: continue being a greyofficeworm who spends 8+ hrs in front of the bluelight computer screen and then get some azn pussy on the weekends as a consolation prize. i’m not referring to dt specifically, but many of us live this way or have lived that way, even if you’re now a neet who cashed out from stocks/crypto/gold/internet-hustling etc. if you’re rich but still attached to pussy, you’re gonna eventually get rekt. look what happened to bezos. he could have a harem but instead he chose a mistress around his age, with lips like the joker. her mouth must be like a vortex. eye of tornado cunt that made bezos into an addict. even though he’s the richest man in the world, that’s no way to live. free yourself or be a slave.

      • Old reader with a new name February 4, 2019 at 3:19 am #

        That’s some very interesting stuff you shared.

      • finally, some bad news February 4, 2019 at 12:32 pm #

        @Old reader with a new name:

        coincidentally, Jeff Barron’s daughter is named Hannah, and she’s basically the hottest and cutest girl online right now. if i had an instagram account i would betaorbit her. i sometimes watch their videos for the hunting content and because i ‘ppreciate their outlook, their accent, their way of life.

        to say a bit more about Option 3, of course it requires tons of work to find that qt fertile Tradwife who wants to be a wife and mother over all other careerist pursuits. Varg says there’s still high quality trad women out there, but you also have to be a high quality trad man to find them and attract them.

        everything requires work. even participation in the euro gilets jaunes will require logistics and financial budgeting to get over there and stay alive. food water shelter in some foreign place where they hate amerimutts anyway. the upside is, you might meet a qt french woman who is also protesting. but she’ll be angry, smell like tear gas, and maybe have hairy pits.

        the big question for all men is what will you work for, will you work for some nagging dumb bitch, or will you work for something you believe in, something you’re passionate about. that’s the only question that matters: what to do with our lives, in a way that maximizes benefits for yourself and your own kin.

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