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How to Not Kill Yourself

20 Aug

Tony Scott killed himself.  Tony Scott made a bunch of awesome movies that kicked ass, lived the A list Hollywood life in the 80’s where he presumably did tons of blow with Don Simpson, made millions and millions of dollars, lived in a nice house, had nice cars, and not one single piece of pussy on the entire face of planet Earth was off limits to him.  Late into his life he was still an A list director, the hardest job to get besides President of the United States, and a place in life that thousands upon thousands of people struggle and fail to get to and almost nobody is able to sustain for so many decades.  He produced TV shows that will continually crank out sums of money so vast that no one could ever spend it, forever.  He worked for his whole life with his brother.  Most of us can’t stay that close with our families and wish we could.  He jumped off a bridge.* Continue reading