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Diary: The Inner Life of the Exterminator Spraying Down My Storage Unit

7 May

Had to move my shit out of the storage unit this morning because there’s an exterminator spraying it down.

To be an exterminator, you must know about the creatures you exterminate.  You must study wasps, termites, carpenter ants, rats, etc.

You have to be an expert.  Because when you go to spread termite poison you have to know that the termite colony will have placed an egg chamber at a certain spot relative to a wall, a gestation chamber here, a feeding chamber there.  You have to know almost like E. O. Wilson knew the elegantly elaborate social gradations in termite society; the baroque architecture bored out of 2 x 4’s by these blind and delicate engineers.  How can you not see some poetry in it?  How, when you learn about ant societies; how like our own they are, but also how exotically alien– how can your soul not be somewhat captivated by these marvels of creation? Continue reading