Diary: Gender Studies

15 Nov
image stolen from www.syracuse.com

image stolen from http://www.syracuse.com

Weekend. What do I have lined up. AA pancake breakfast. Talk to my parents. Poor mother had a bad dream about me. Now I have to call her. Love my parents. But if talking to someone doesn’t get me pussy I’d rather play Xbox.

Clean the house. Everything is clean the house. Go to the doctor wash the dishes hang with my parents. Drive homeless alcoholics to the fucking pancake breakfast. Wash the dishes there. This pain in my gut is some cancerous organ. Tree fungus all over my innards. I’ll die in agony. This weekend, my last shot before my dick falls off. Spent it helping the fucking hobos. They all have 6 kids they don’t have to pay for and get more ass than me.

I should go to that whorehouse in Chinatown. Pay a hooker to touch me so I don’t go crazy. But it’ll be some 50 year old. What are the odds the Chinese rub and tug by the Sunset/ Beaudry Jack in the Box has a fresh faced junior idol teen. What are the odds she’ll lovingly stroke my ass crack with her hair. Why fuck a whore in America. In the Philippines they kiss you. Fuck you raw. Here it’s a medical procedure.

Pay to be masturbated by an old shrew who doesn’t speak English. Hint of repulsion in her eyes. The only crack in her Oriental inscrutability. If she liked it it’d be worse. You’d start wondering: does she think I’m handsome. Better not blow it.


Less God more pussy. Less AA more money. Less driving fucking homeless people around. More horse porn and coke. I’ve been of too much service to society. I should get a free pass to take a flame thrower to the school gym while the kids are playing dodgeball.

Less humility. More arrogance. Less pulling out. Less condoms. Less comforting some dumb needy tinder idiot afterward. Less not impregnating Pinay hookers. More impregnating Pinay hookers. Less truth more lies. Less spinach more burritos. Less family more dirtbags. More cocaine. More of the girls who come with cocaine. I’ll get viagra so I don’t have acorn dick.

Otherwise what’s the point. I’m a machine for paying taxes.


Someone used to clean your house. Cook your meals. Bear your children. Take care of them. Sleep with you. Sleep with nobody else but you. Hand you a drink when you walked in the house. All you had to do was what you do now. Get up. Go to work. Make money. All you have to do now is: all that. Plus what someone once did for you. What you get is: half what you got before.

Someone used to need you. Listen to you. Now you don’t make enough money. You don’t wash the dishes enough. Work used to be eight hours. Now fourteen. She works fourteen hours too. And proud of it. Someone used to put your kids’ drawings on the refrigerator. Now she emails you Slate articles saying even in this day and age men do 40% less housework. Wash a fucking dish you god damn barbarian. 45 minutes between your drive home and dreams of your boss’s lizard eyes. 45 minutes; how come the dishes aren’t done.

I’m a feminist. But feminism destroyed life. In return 2% of us get meaningless pussy. A woman was a house scrubbing ham baking slave, sure. That’s bad. Now we’re both slaves providing data driven solutions to Millennial brand engagement in the CPG space. Slaves to establishing ownership of the trans teen bullying issue for Johnson and Johnson’s Clean and Clear brand flammable industrial solvent for children’s faces. Twice as many people work. Shit just got twice as expensive. No house. No vacation. 14 hours selling shit to unhappy people who sell shit to stupid people.

Whatever. Things were never good. People were never happy. Why covet an ideal based on Donna Reed reruns. But now I’m nothing to you. You’re a fleshlight to me. This shit isn’t working. I’m not some reactionary. But I do think it would be better if you were sold to me at 13, couldn’t vote, work, read or drive. And if it were legal to beat you.

14 Responses to “Diary: Gender Studies”

  1. antonella November 15, 2015 at 1:25 pm #

    It’s way worse to work in an office than be a housewife.Even if the amount of work were the same, at least I wouldn’t have to listen to some dumb twat all day. Somebody really fucked up this shit.

  2. Atlanta Man November 15, 2015 at 2:02 pm #

    Honestly, even if you are well paid working for someone else into oblivion is madness. Women were built to have and raise children, I do not comprehend why any woman would want to do otherwise. Why would you want to waste your life working for a corporation that could care less about you and go childless into old age? It makes no sense. At least a man has sex to compel him to amass wealth, every Ferrari sold comes with a certain amount of pussy built in, even more so for Lamborghinis. What do woman get for career sacrifice until 45? Infertility, dissatisfaction,IVF, adoption and cats. Even Gloria Steinem looks like she is just playing it out at this point (and she got married!).

    • Nikolai Vladivostok November 16, 2015 at 6:11 am #

      They spend their money on expensive, ugly handbags. I’ve read several evo-psych explanations for this and none were convincing. Perhaps a lady reader will enlighten us.
      If you do, in return I’ll explain why we wiggle our dicks at you when coming out of the shower while exclaiming, “Don’t look! Don’t look!”

      • Lee Holloway November 16, 2015 at 5:48 pm #

        I have no idea if this will come as a surprise to anyone around here 9 (also likely that no one cares), but I agree completely with ocscarchambers and DT. Women were built for having kids, being wives, etc. I think that women who end up old and childless are crazy in a very specific and sad way. But is it just because of societal pressures/norms, or is it actually biological?

        On the whole I do not easily relate to the average woman. I am not saying that I think I am better or worse than any of them, but I certainly do no behave like most of them. But then I have my own particular brand of insanity to deal with.

        I don’t know. The modern age is bleak. Men have it rough. Women are fucked up. I might need to start a new blog to address how horrible everything is.

    • oscarchambers November 17, 2015 at 11:08 am #

      When I say what I say about women I mean it on a biological level, woman’s entire body is geared toward child rearing , and men on a psychological level are geared to be protective and loving toward women. One of the risk factors for uterine cancer is nulliparity, solely because a woman gets uninterrupted estrogen without a prolonged progesterone period like with a nine month pregnancy. Male suicide risk goes sky high for men over fifty without kids, men with kids minds change and they become more compassionate.

      When you meet a nice girl and your mind goes into overdrive planning the future and seeing infinite possibilities with her that is natural. Now days I have to pretend not to care, wait to return a text, pretend to be a criminal without options, edgy for the sake of appearances. It is all an act, and unnatural. I think the reason dudes like Russian chicks is you can be what you really are and be natural, just my two cents.

  3. revirgin November 15, 2015 at 2:11 pm #

    And that’s why I rarely use hookers anymore. Why spend half my weekly paycheque to masturbate into some woman from the bottom of society whom I’m not at all attracted to. My biggest aspiration is to move to the Philplines so I can bang 4’9″ monkey faced jungle gooks.

  4. barack my cock November 15, 2015 at 3:48 pm #


  5. Soinclined November 15, 2015 at 7:58 pm #

    Yeah, I’m not certain why a mature man would engage the services of a hooker in the US, doubly so why you’d do so in SoCal with the border so close. The women in Mexico aren’t that different in temperament from the Pinay chicks, and arguably the Mestizo chicks are more attractive in general. Most of what we think are Mexicans here in the US are really Guatemalans. Tijuana is just the beginning, and I used to enjoy reading your trip reports from TJ. I’d love to see a post where you do a side-by-side comparison of Mestizo vs. Pinay.

    I’m older than you, fatter, and well past my Last Fuckable Day in the US for any woman who isn’t also past her sell-by date or who isn’t a straight-up gold digger. I’m of exactly no value even as a human being in the US, but in the Third World I’m at least still acknowledged and dealt with as a man, in all facets.

    It’s an interesting indictment of American life that at the height of one’s experience as a man, one must leave the US in order to be treated like (and really feel like) a man.

  6. Anal Trauma November 17, 2015 at 6:30 am #

    Just for the sake of it. Ride on.

  7. Zelcorpion November 18, 2015 at 12:06 am #

    Actually the people in the 1950s and 60s were happier. Especially female happiness since second wave feminism in the 1960s went down tremendously.

    I saw the happiness studies over the decades from countries all around the world. Also the trust-measure was massive – people did not close front doors and returned wallets saying that they trusted a wide majority of people.

    Ony Scandinavia reached US happiness levels in the 1970s-80s – and then it tanked as the socialist money ran out and they thought that it was a good idea to invite millions of low IQ Muslims to the country.

    Immigration and feminism is just spreading the misery, so that everyone can get a whiff. Hey – but at least NFL players can have easy prime-age pussy 14 times a week without any work. Success.

  8. Powers November 18, 2015 at 9:47 pm #

    This was a nice post. It would be nice if you could write some parody posts of Heartiste and other manosphere bloges. Thank you. It would also be a good writing exercise. I can introduce you to my 18-year old sister if you do a good job.


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