Weekend Journal: Peace and Love

7 Jun

The Gun Range


Saturday I went to the gun range. To sight in my pandemic gun. Rioters could come up the stairs. Out of the box it shot 6 inches right at 25 yards. If I miss I’m a Haitian Revolution woodcut. The Ruger 10/22 Takedown has a factory sight that’s not adjustable for windage. Instead per the manual you:

  • Shoot a group
  • Clamp the gun in a bench vise
  • Use aluminum buffers to not hurt the barrel
  • Take a 1/16th inch brass punch. Rest it against the base of the sight.
  • Whack the punch with a mallet until the sight moves an unspecified distance, in the direction you want to move the point of impact
  • Shoot another group
  • Clamp the gun in a bench vise, use aluminum buffers etc., etc.

I bought it used. The shop said it had never been fired. But after I’d shattered the rear sight whacking it with the wrong size brass punch, the gunsmith installing the new sight from eBay said the front sight had been drifted. I bought a tool on eBay to adjust the sight. Like a thumbscrew. Took the gun back to the range. Painstakingly dialed it in. Had to push the sight so far left the edge of the thumbscrew almost crushed the new sight too but I got it basically straight. The gun range has a “plinking” area for 22s. Little hanging metal targets you shoot and they flip around. So much fun I shot all my race war ammo.

I can hit a butterfly at 50 yards. The next day I got a migraine from the sound of water in my fish tank. At the range next to an Armenian whose home built short barrel tactical AR was designed to Doppler maximum sound into the ear of the guy next to you. Exact frequency to penetrate day glo green ear plugs. Max tier airport tarmac worker ear muffs that feel like clamping your head tightly in a bench vise. Another guy with some perversely loud desert camo color handgun. Last time I said it was Desert Eagle but I really don’t know. Even a 9mm’s too loud. A 9 by 19 as I call it, after serving three tours in Paul Harell’s Youtube. 9 Millimeter Luger. 9 Millimeter Parabellum, this is the kind of shit I say to guys waiting in line at the gun range. So they think I know something.


The Protest


Sunday I went to the protest. Or I went downtown to look at the smashed in Starbucks. Stumbled on a black woman yelling at a line of cops with green nonlethal shotguns. It became a protest that became thousands of people marching. The cops rammed someone with their SUV. The crowd turned and started throwing shit but the Black Lives Matter organizers told everyone to take a knee. We all calmed down. I support them now.

Rich kids taking selfies. Downtown hipster watching us walk by. He used beard care products. The haircut from a billboard for boutique whiskey hung over lofts under construction, somewhere Mexicans used to live. His hot Asian girlfriend. Pristine Triumph motorcycle. His brand’s web site says Black Lives Matter.

Built black guy with big hardware store brass plate chains around his neck yelling at the line of cops. Calling them bitches. Wanting to get killed. I saw nothing that hasn’t been written a thousand times.


The Cursed Lineage


I visited my mother. She showed me my grandfather’s scrapbook. I wasn’t allowed to meet him. He was committed to a psych ward. For something like trying to kill his children. She doesn’t remember or doesn’t want to talk about it. A picture of my great grandparents. Cairo, West Virginia. The great grandfather looks exactly like me. Like a picture from The Shining. He was a dentist. He was married a few times. Killed himself with a shot to the stomach. Maybe I should get rid of the gun.

The scrapbook had an article about the oldest AA group in Connecticut. He tried to get sober. Couldn’t stop. Pictures when he was old, drunk again. Never got to meet me. My mom barely spoke to him. And now gone.

I was talking to Eric about this review of my book, by an old PUA. Stop complaining, it says. Eric talks to the guy. He asks Eric: why don’t you just get married.

Eric’s like me. 44, no kids. Parents divorced before he was born. Mine before I could form memories. No concept in our bones of what a couple even looks like. So we can’t get married. To other people it seems simple. Something everybody does. To me it feels like getting into Harvard.

My mom said she was lucky. There were other people around that weren’t alcoholics. She had some glimpse of normal life. I don’t know if a glimpse counts. You don’t become a citizen some place just by going as a tourist.

My grandfather was a B25 tailgunner in the Solomon Islands in 1944. Pictures of him with the island women. Something in that jungle calls me. Am I repeating the same shit. Is it all genetic and we’re doomed.


Another Protest


There was a protest in my neighborhood. I missed it. Only saw the commentary on Twitter. Mexicans saying they support it. But complaining it was white gentrifiers protesting. The hipster gentrifier is a racist stereotype. Like all racist stereotypes it’s true.

Cholos wouldn’t let looting happen here. Six years ago, not far from here, a black family moved in and got firebombed. Attitudes have softened but my neighbors think like me. I support you. If you come to my house I’ll kill you.


The Baby Bird


I was walking down the street. Thinking where am I going. Am I on the right path. A woman in her yard stopped me. She said she was trying to help a baby bird that fell out of the nest.

It was a mockingbird. The woman was afraid. She said when she got close the mom would attack her. She had made a box for him filled with grass. And she wanted to get him in the box. Get the box up high somewhere so the cats couldn’t get him. But she was afraid to pick him up. When she tried he hopped away.

I was able to pick him up gently circling my hands around him. Moving slowly so he wasn’t afraid.

The mom watched, it was like she knew. Afraid of hurting his little feet but I got him in the box. I got him safe. The mom came and fed him. I will bring peace and love. I will bring peace and love.

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  1. Anonymous June 7, 2020 at 3:14 pm #


  2. Anonymous June 7, 2020 at 6:25 pm #

    Everyone’s haunted and inspired by their ancestors, especially now we have creepy photos going back generations.

    The best thing is to imagine that you can emulate the best and avoid the worst. Genetic determinism is statistically true of populations but not individuals.

    You managed to stop drinking. Now all you need to do is find a jungle girl. I wouldn’t recommend the Solomon Islands though, they have a unique odour.

  3. Silva June 8, 2020 at 9:39 am #

    I love this. It dovetails beautifully into your Mockingbird story, my all-time favorite. On a rational level I don’t believe in omens, but on some more primitive, visceral level, I do. You can be an instrument for so much good, so much that is raw and genuine and necessary. In many ways, you already are.

  4. Tom June 8, 2020 at 10:06 am #

    For $20 U.S. you can go to a craft supply store and buy 2-part silicone, non-toxic putty for mold making and make 20 pairs of custom fitted ear plug that beat anything on the market.
    No more ill fitting plugs and no more head crushing earmuffs.

  5. Toilah June 14, 2020 at 10:14 pm #

    That .22 will be great for hunting small game after the apocalypse happens. Not sure I’d use it as a primary for self defence, but it beats throwing rocks. Do you have the 25rd Butler Creek steel lipped mags for it?

    Man, Paul Harrell has some entertaining videos. The one where he admitted to killing people was pretty amazing. After watching him for long enough, I’m fairly certain he’s on the spectrum.

    • God July 23, 2020 at 11:35 pm #

      delicioustacos doesn’t have it in him to kill anyone, that’s why he got a 22. even if he survives the apocalypse, he won’t shoot small game. he’ll live on fruits, veggies and roots. the occasional piece of cheese. mark my words, in a few years, tacos will reveal that he’s converting to veganism. the man agonizes over harming insects. he’s a softie. the most you’ll get out of him is an entertaining words salad. he’s not a revolutionary. not a true “gun owner”. just another larper, another shill.

      • I.B. Jagenov July 25, 2020 at 2:52 pm #

        my top 3 favorite salads:
        1. chicken caesar
        2. cobb salad
        3. delicioustacos word salad

  6. Toilah June 14, 2020 at 10:37 pm #

    Oh, and I almost forgot.

    My paternal grandfather was killed in a car accident in 1963. Some kid was driving him and a group of associates to a job interview at a mine in NW Ontario the next day. It was snow, dark, and the roads turned bad. The kid misread a turn and the car wound up going over the guard rail, down the bank, and into the river. My grandpa was the only one killed. The OPP diver found him in the middle of the back seat still holding onto his winter gloves. His neck had broken as the car flipped, killing him instantly.

    Three years ago I wound up in a similar situation. Went to pass this kid on a remote road and he decides to race, unbeknownst to me. I go to merge back before the blind hill, and his front bumper taps my back. I lost control and went backwards over the embankment, flipped, dropped 12 feet, and landed on the roof. I blacked out and came to some time later. I had broken six vertebrae and was upside down, not paralyzed or dead. By all accounts I should have been.

    I didn’t connect the two events until a few weeks later when I was having dinner with my family and told them the story, I said I had no idea why I lived, without hesitation my sister calmly says: “grandpa”. Whole family nods in agreement. We aren’t even religious.

    Anyway, blah blah, history doesn’t repeat but it does rhyme, something something.

    I’m sure you’ll make it. Keep your gun, you may need it.

  7. Abbie T. Sullinz June 15, 2020 at 11:17 am #

    Great as always, Senor Tacos. Yeah, I dread what I might find if I look back in my ancestry. My guess is my ancestors couldn’t have been that great if they left to come to this gay, cursed country in the first place. Burroughs was right. I may very well follow their example except maybe to the Eastern Bloc or some shit. Anything’s better than here. In any event, keep up the great work. I’ll miss interacting with you on Twitter but the cocksuckers banned me and it’s not worth the effort right now to get a new account. Instead I think I’ll get more reading done, try to keep not drinking, and maybe get in the sort of shape that would permit me to be shirtless in public without wanting to commit harikiri. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  8. Ghislaine Maxwell Riding a Sybian June 19, 2020 at 10:26 pm #

    pee pee poo poo

  9. Max Blastakovs June 20, 2020 at 3:45 pm #

    Please give to BAP for reading on show. He has no email.

    Title: When the trials for White Genocide begin, do not forget to punish the non-Jews.

    I’ve noticed that many writers and content creators on the dissident right and even the mainstream right giving warnings about not overreacting and suggesting basically getting in a defensive posture; get your families out of danger areas, increase your supplies of spam and baked beans, water, a generator, extra supply of medications, do your jumping-jacks, etc.

    This is sagacious advice; but while these folks suggest actions for the safety of your body and the soundness of your mind, I write this to prepare your soul. I prepare your gut for the punch that is about to come. I’m not going to tell you something pretty here.

    The late Bob Whitaker said before he died to not let the non-Jews off for their role in White Genocide. He was very adamant about this. For years, I though these ‘non-Jews’ meant the WASP Eastern Establishment in the United States and Anglo elites in the UK; some sort of Illuminati organization. After further examination of this issue, I’ve come to see the error in my thinking. While the WASPS, on both sides of the water, are contributors to White genocide, I don’t think they were the originators. I especially believe this about the WASPs in America; their foundation money may be involved now, but they were at the forefront of immigration restriction, eugenics, abortion and opposed American involvement in both world wars. The WASP elites in America and the UK were just outmaneuvered by a more ancient, and socially sophisticated outfit.

    The true “non-Jews” behind White genocide have been liars from the beginning; the organization that’s been partners with the Jews for centuries, actors that fight via deception and active measures, that hide in plain sight; this hidden enemy is, of course, the Church of Rome; and by now, the whole of organized Christianity. The Jews are just part of the team.

    I told you this wouldn’t be easy. It broke my heart when I saw the light. If I was Michael Corleone, then the Church would be Fredo.

    You must understand that our enemies are masters of soft power, but maybe more importantly, masters of sexual degeneracy. The recent 3-part series at Counter Currents by James O’Meara is a good place to start to understand sex and the Church, but it doesn’t go far enough.

    We know that religions maintain power by controlling the people’s minds with stories, symbols, and rites. This is how they control the masses. But they also have to control the people that control the levers of power and they do this most effectively with blackmail. They find people to blackmail by setting up compromising situations; usually sexual.

    The Jews, of course, were and are the front for vice. For most of Christian history in Europe, you’d go to the Jewish quarter of town to get a whore. Maybe someone inquires a little and finds out you like males. You figure, who’s going to believe the “Christ killing, perfidious Jews” if they spoke about it? Then you find out later that actually people from the Church were witnesses to your secret sex. Being accused of adultery would have been a problem for a common man throughout Euro-Christian history, but sodomites were treated very, very poorly (to put it in a Trumpian way).

    You see, the Church doesn’t actually run or own the whore house in the Jewish quarter of town. They’re Christians, thus they are “nice people” and “very good,” so they would never do that. However, they’ll happily collect a tax on the down-low from the Jews, but more importantly, use the arrangement for compromise operations. The mafia later became useful for these same operations. Think about who runs the classic scum part of town in big American cities; peepshows, strip clubs, porn shops, call girls, call boys; it’s the mob or Jews. The gay section of cities, especially in large Northeastern cities, would have deep connections to an organization which is 50-75% homosexual.

    People wonder why the Jews were tolerated in the middle ages, well now think about why the mafia have been tolerated by the Church. Part of the ceremony for becoming “made” in the mafia involves burning a card of a saint in your hand. Why would these “very good” and “nice people” from the Church not be outraged that their demi-gods (Saints) were being misappropriated by a criminal organization? Papa Francisco is actually harder on the Mob than any Pope before him. The various Mexican and Latino gangs probably act in the same way as the Italian Mob; very likely Cartels have to pay some tax on the down-low as well.

    The reason the Abrahamic religions have such harsh judgments on homosexuality, is because by making homosexuality punishable by death or extreme humiliation, you have a cadre of people that you can control by setting up compromise operations. There will always be some small part of the population with same sex attraction; they know this. The controllers of the Western world have been studying human psychology for centuries. The sacrament of “Confession” was a perfect laboratory for the Church to learn about human psychology, but also again, learn compromising information that could later be used to set up compromising situations. This is why security clearances for intelligence agencies always include questions of past sexual behavior. They know that the faggot you don’t know is more dangerous than the faggot you do know. I’ll discuss the subject of Dangerous Faggots later.

    If you ever wondered why all the congresspeople folded on every so called “civil rights” issue against Whites since WWII, you have the answer, they were compromised. Every Congressperson and Senator has to live part of the time in Washington DC. What a perfect place to run compromise operations; all these powerful people in one place; probably been going on there for a long time. Why would Abraham Lincoln start a war that could have been worked out, under the impression that he’d be sending the black slaves back to Africa, only to be whacked, thus never getting the opportunity to repatriate the former slaves? There’s a reason why the gay republicans have Lincoln as their Saint; Lincoln was likely gay and compromised, as was likely his thespian killer. I wonder who might have wanted Africans to remain in the country? There’s no question they were used in the time of reconstruction in the same ways non-Whites are used today; as a revolutionary vanguard against the White population. By the way, general Sherman was Catholic.

    Ever wonder why American foreign policy is run from Georgetown University? If the Jews run America, why Georgetown?

    Why is the Supreme court 6 to 3 Catholic to Jewish? Not one born and raised protestant on the court in the United States of America?

    Why is the CIA referred to as “Catholics in Action?” Former CIA man, and closet homosexual, William F. Buckley started National Review and kicked out all the America first right wingers.

    Why do the people in the heights of power (Left or Right), push forced mass immigration and forced assimilation? George W. Shrub, and his brother Jeb are open borders Cuckseratives. Jeb converted to Catholicism and married a Mexican woman. Why would a man from one of the most powerful families in America, who would have the pick of the litter as far as women, marry a Mexican woman of such low social class?

    We know about all the Jews in the heights of power in America, but are you familiar with the Knights of Malta? Go read the membership lists of this organization. Notice that these knights include Jews. Does being a Jewish Knight of Malta make you better than just a plain Jew? Somebody ask the Logos rising crew? How many members of the Supreme Court are members?

    What the Church wants to do is bring Whites back into the Catholic fold. Back us into the sheep pen that is Christianity; specifically, under the Roman Church, with the Jews as their longtime teammates. The Jews were always allowed to “survive but not thrive.” But Euro-folk religious practitioners were wiped from the planet as were the sacred groves. European pagans were slaughtered while the Jews were allowed to run vice and loan shark operations. Then, when the masses would react to Jewish vice with an anti-Jewish pogrom, the Church would come in a put it down.

    Besides flooding the US with Latin American migrants, it appears the strategy is making life so unbearable that you see the Church as the only option. The trannies in the bathroom, trannies reading to kids, sexualization of kids, disorder on the streets, profanity; all of this is being carried out by political leaders that are compromised or ideologically programmed by institutions that were staffed by the compromised.
    All the mainline Protestant Churches are fully SJW, but the Catholic Church remains true to the traditional family. Compared to what we see now, the Catholic Church’s order would be a relief. But this order will come with a price and this price is open borders with Mexico and all of Latin America; race mixing with the world, because all are “one in Christ.”

    The real reason for Vatican II, and the “opening up of the church,” was to better infiltrate and corrupt the mainline protestants. Bring them into their network, compromise people, then put these people in place to make these Churches lose all legitimacy; lesbian-trans bishops, the whole catalog. Vatican II was not the work of Jewish infiltration; it was a loosening magical operation to expand networks with a future plan to bind these networks back to the Church. The Catholic dominated Supreme Court does all they can to bring in immigrants, but what perplexes people is why they hold up laws that expand LGBTQ+ rights? It goes back to subversion; they want to cause as much chaos as possible so they can be the ones that bring the New Order. The Judges will just be blamed on “Americanism” and “liberals.”

    The Jewish-Church alliance is really off schedule. The longer-term plan was to flood America with Latin American migrants over a longer period of time; maybe 50 years. The plan was to create the “Kingdom of Guadalupe” in Western hemisphere, turn Europe into a shithole, with government supported Muslims against rebel White Nationalists in something that will look like 90’s era Balkan Wars; then bring over the Kingdom’s troops, under the command of Jeb Shrub’s son or grandson, to re-Catholicize the whole Western World. This is probably why Europe never spends much on their military budgets. They were supposed to be weak militarily, so the Kingdom’s troops would have an easier time. Something threw off their plan, and forced them to speed it up.

    White identity politics are growing. And the Church sees this as the biggest threat to their New World Order. They have to discredit the movement against White genocide, but more importantly, the very concept of White identity itself. The Jewish-Church alliance wants to provoke a reaction from Whites so they can frame the discourse going forward as “see, both the radical left post modernists, and the neo-Nazi White supremacists are the same, we all must be Christian now, because Logos or something.”

    A quick aside, the Church calls itself the organization of Logos, THERE’S JUST ONE PROBLEM! If you claim that the Garden of Eden, Noah’s ark, Resurrection, Assumption, etc. are real events, you can’t be the organization of Logos. Just because the author of the Gospel of John claims Jesus of Nazareth is Logos, doesn’t mean anything. In fact, if ‘reason’ is one of the definitions of Logos, then we can use Logos to discredit the organization that claims it as 1/3 of its god.

    The Church is truly the enemy that fights via deception. Stalin was a moron; his rhetorical question about “how many divisions does the Pope command” was moronic. If it was all about armies and guns, why did Stalin bring back the Orthodox Church in Russia during the second world war? We can expect the Church to use pageantry and provocation. This provocation will come from outside, and inside the dissident right.
    From outside, anti-whiteness is going increase. Looting and attacks on Whites will continue. The hubris of the anti-whites (especially BLM) is going to go into overdrive. These are people with little rationality, lots of resentment and very little foresight.

    You can expect the debasing of White people and virtue signaling to reach heights never imaginable. You should expect women (and probably some men) to start sucking cock for “black lives;” ten-on-one gangbanging for black lives; swallowing excrement for black lives; aborting your children to atone for white privilege; and probably the rise of suicide cults that , for example, jump off cliffs holding hands to “remove whiteness from the world.”
    This is all to get you to feel like there’s no hope. Your mind changes when under stress. This is why military units train by doing the same simple tasks over and over; when you feel you’re in mortal danger, chemicals are produced that cause you to not think rationally and just react. This is what the images on your television are meant to do to you. They want you to either submit to anti-whiteness or do something stupid. DON’T DO EITHER!!!

    From the inside you will have continued efforts by bad actors encouraging people to commit acts of violence and/or destruction. These are people trying to push the idea that damaging critical infrastructure and committing terrorist attacks will somehow bring a trillion-dollar military-intelligence-industrial-media complex to the negotiating table. These bad actors in the dissident right are going to use the debasing and virtue singling explained above to belittle you and provoke you. They’ll accuse you of being a “cuck” and insinuate that you want to see your daughter get “triple penetrated by Tyrone and his bros.” The main provocateurs will be White Isis Guru Count Dotrouble of Provocation Inc. and his henchman toady John “Multi-Level” Marketeer; you can expect them to be very active in their provocation operations in the coming days. A key rule of thumb, if someone is asking you to act like BLM or Antifa, then their either stupid, or a bad actor. I don’t think these guys are stupid.

    The enemies of Whiteness would love nothing more for some “White Supremist Neo Nazi Isis Satanists thatwanttokillsixmillionjews” take over a little space and play “White Afghanistan” for a few weeks in some mountainous areas of the US. This would allow the enemy to rally the country in a show of anti-white solidarity. The Jewish-Church alliance would love nothing more than for the power to get knocked out in some major city so they can have the American version of Syria’s “Dust Boy.” How about, “New York Giants Girl.” I’m thinking an 8 year old African American girl wearing one of those 1990’s Starter Jackets, in the Giants colors Blue, Red, and White; her grandma died when the building’s heat went out, due to the attacks (actually the money was stolen by her knucklehead grandson but whatever); she’s seen on TV warming her hands by one of those barrel fires, with her hood on, while inquiring to the TV man “why da waycists hate us for ah skin?” This author starts to tear up as I write this, so I’ll leave it at that but you get the picture.
    After critical infrastructure is hit, I expect some kind of multiracial Infrastructure Guard Force to be formed; which would begin with 2 months of anti-white training, with co-ed dormitories I would presume. All the people with any connection to White Positive Websites will likely be arrested, and placed on house arrest with ankle bracelets. Many of these people will say anything the police tell them to say, allowing the anti-white authorities to craft a “vast, rightwing conspiracy.”

    You can expect all the mind controlled, active shooter types to go into action at this time as well. Shooters, like the one in Australia, are almost guaranteed to be mind-controlled. But here again the origin of their becoming a mass shooter will likely be that they got caught doing something sexually immoral, and then abused over a period of time, in a way that made them more mailable to carrying out such a task. The Australian shooter likely was caught banging children in the Middle East, which probably has honey trap operations in every major city, on the behest of Western and/or Israeli intelligence (probably Russians too). The Atomwussen gangs and all the other poor fucks they have on ice primed for mass shootings will be ready to go.

    Expect the “White Nationalist Neo Nazi Satanic killers” to be traced back to Russia, maybe Antifa as well. Last year at this time the radio was putting out memes of “White Isis” and fear mongering about terrorist attacks. I expect them to pick up this year with the same message. When the George Floyd riots started, they were trying to push the “White Nationalists behind the riots” narrative and even threw some “Russia involvement” in for good measure. I know many people on the dissident right think Russia are the “good guys,” but understand that there are anti-white elements inside Russian intelligence that will leak information showing “proof” of a Russia connection. Not all of Russia is “our friend,” as was chanted during the Charlottesville Rally. Also keep in mind that the Orthodox Church would gladly receive non-White Orthodox Christians into Russia.

    Based on my analysis of the connections between certain actors in White Nationalism, this is how I see it going down. Andy Nowhitey and King Richard both started the original Alturdudive Right blog. They had a split because Nowhitey and King Richard disagreed on Christianity. Nowhitey was really disturbed about King Richard’s views on abortion. After the hail-gate event, Nowhitey’s new Alturdudive-Right II site was the first to denounce King Richard, saying that King Richard is not the Party, and the Party is not King Richard. It’s still not been verified if Nowhitey is connected to the Arch Prior of St. Latrobe Priory.

    Like I said, this wasn’t going to be pretty, you can turn back now but I’m going to continue.

    I expect audio and video will be “leaked” by the person who calls himself the “Dangerous Faggot,” who happens to be another person likely compromised sexually, and who is also likely an agent of the Church. The footage will show some big names in White Nationalism: King Richard, Dr “Big” Johnson, Bronze Aged Perverter, Millennial Hoes, Jim Gold, Greg Candy, Marcus “Hannibal” Bramis, Invictus Caesar, etc. sacrificing goats to Satan, using the blood for lube while sodomizing each other, Triumph of the Will playing on the screen and mounds of coke and bourbon bottles scattered about; all the while with said White Nationalists cursing Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, and screaming “POWERRRRRRRRRRR.” Expect the worst story you can imagine. I like and admire most of the people I mentioned here, but you have to understand that Whiteness is the biggest obstacle to the Jewish-Church New World Order.

    They have to do something, and sex and pageantry are their specialties.

    The Alturdudive Right and other “Logos Rising” crew members will be in full force saying “see, see White Nationalism is really just a bunch of homos who want to put the peepee in the poopoo” and that “you must become Christian or you’re either a Jew or homo.” After this recording is “leaked” you’ll see many of these White Nationalists become Christians. They will form a chorus together and sing songs like “All Are Welcome! All are Welcome! All are welcome in this place”

    But they won’t be done there, this next part is critical. The Church has a history of big “spiritual events;” especially Marion apparitions. You might look into the last major Marion apparition “Our Lady of Fatima.” Here we have young girls that supposedly experience a visitation from the Virgin Mary, who tells them a message and to prepare for a sign on October 13th 1917. This would be a very simple operation. Bring a beautiful woman from South America that speaks Portuguese and have her play the part of Mary to the girls. Later during the light show, use some sort of technology creating an optical illusion. If you look at the footage of the light during the light show, it doesn’t look like a person, it’s just a ball of light. But because “Mary” said it would be there, at that time, the faithful masses were mystified. This event is evidence that the Church will use technology and pageantry to support their program. Technology has greatly improved since 1917, so you can expect the Church to be ready with something impressive. If Jesus, Mary, and Joseph show up and call for White Genocide, remember that the Church has a history of such events.

    But the Church has a serious decision to make regarding the new apparition. If they do it, and it goes bad, then the gig is truly up. I mean, if they try a new “Our Lady at ________,” and people see through it, then Christianity will truly be discredited. At very least, the Roman Catholic Church will be discredited.

    But it might not be a botched apparition that will discredit them but having a secret recording of themselves released. Imagine a recording from within the bowels of the Vatican that would make the White Nationalist “secret recording” look and sound like an Easter egg hunt.

    If the Church is peopled primarily by homosexuals, you can expect them to be highly comprised from outside the Church as well. If a video surfaces showing Cardinals or even higher boy fucking (or worse), then it will be all over for the Vatican. It could be that the Church’s greatest weapon, sexual degeneracy, might be that which brings them down. An organization filled with homosexuals, that are supposed to be paragons of virtue, would be quite easy to compromise. Perhaps Papa Benedictus’ departure was the result of being compromised?

    The Southern American center of the conspiracy in the US is Texas. It’s not a mistake that the Shrub family hails from there. The Shrubs are the connection in America between Church and the Crown in the UK. Texas would be another ideal place to have blackmail operations, oil men and the like; Texas has a long-standing Catholic presence. This is what might explain why Crazy Alex was found having tranny-porn on his phone. I expect Crazy Alex to be a key player in hyping any Christian apparitions. I had to spend time in Texas for business, I can feel anti-white evil flowing through the place.

    But wait, it get worse, as I mentioned above, the Shrubs are corrected to the Church AND the UK Royals; and it is here where we find the 3rd person of the anti-White Unholy Trinity. Ever wonder why Britain fought in two World Wars against Germany, giving up their empire in the process, while gaining nothing but dead British men?

    It’s easy, they were offered something bigger. They likely gave up their empire, to gain half the world. These are people that make plans in the hundreds of years. Giving up the empire in the 1940’s and gaining the new Holy Roman Empire in 2040 is a bold, but understandable plan of action. This is the second group of non-Jews that must be brought to justice for White genocide. Her Majesty does nothing as young British girls are raped and pimped on an industrial scale. If Her Majesty wanted to, she could end all immigration to the UK with a word. Don’t forget that the Shrubs are related to Her Majesty. Like the Church, don’t be surprised if someone has video of people in the Royal Families doing some heinous stuff too. At least one member, at the very least, hung out at the Magic Egyptian Island of Mr. Epsensaltstein. This tripartite conspiracy would cover the major roles of Indo-European society:

    1) The Priest class (Church of Rome); 2) The Crown (focused on the British and other Euro Royals but also includes elite families in the US like the Shrubs); 3) Merchants (Jews).

    Some of a Masonic bent might stand up and say, “that right, that’s why we smash Crown and Altar and why we, in the higher degrees, reject Christ and serve the Lord of Light, Lucifer.” As bad as Christianity is going to look, and as discredited as it will be, don’t fall for this either. The Center of Anglo-American Freemasonry is the British Royal family.

    I suspect besides disturbing sexual recordings, that there will be signed documents and probably recordings of all these parties agreeing to White Genocide; explicitly, and with great pleasure, on whatever important parchments that the Vatican uses, lambskin perhaps, written in blood. I expect these kinds of recorded conversations and documents to be signed by not only these major parties, but also many major media personalities, business tycoons, entertainers, and academics.

    Bob Whitaker said after 9-11 that no one would have to worry about anyone denying the next holocaust since it would be on CNN. The Church won’t have to worry about Saint Peter’s getting dustified from above when it will likely be the former faithful, bringing it down with hammer, ax, and torch.

    This is where Papa Francisco comes in. I believe Francisco will be the one to close up the Vatican and end the centuries long conspiracy; literally living the role of “Last Pope.” He knows about all the sex and White genocide stuff. He might be the one that has to sign off on any apparitions and he is much less likely to do so than Papa Benedictus was. It might be Papa Francisco that saves the Church from total dustification by coming clean with the whole program and then ending the Papacy. Francisco will just be the Bishop of Rome. Since the Roman Church will be totally discredited, you’ll probably see what’s left get absorbed by the Orthodox. They’ll blame it all on the Franks, and the Jews too of course. In America Protestant Christianity will live on as the primitive Church, small groups of people meeting in their homes. The vast majority of Whites will move into a new Symbolic Organizing Principle.

    Don’t be surprised if the dreaded Juden redeem themselves as this thing unravels. You see, the Jews have existed longer than the Church, and if they have to make a deal when faced with destruction, Jews will make a deal. If they have to provide some of these special parchment documents and recordings of White Genocide soirees with White children being sacrificed; they’ll do it when facing the dusty void. I realized from learning about Jewish-Church relations that the Jews are only part of a system that makes them vice peddlers. I’m pretty sure serious, pious Jews don’t care much for pornographers. I suspect the Jewish whorehouse operator throughout history was probably the scum among the Jews as well; but also likely compromised by an internal Jewish compromise operation. The Jews will be freed from their role in the Jewish-Church alliance, thus allowing them to revert back to a more primitive time as well. Their role as major power player in the White world will diminish. For any number of Jews punished for White genocide, I propose that double the non-Jews receive punishment.

    In America, I expect elements from the old WASP families to regain control. When I read Byron Tully’s “Old Money Book,” I realized that there was no way that these people would capitulate completely. Like all Germanic peoples, they are very patient and out-of-the-box thinkers. They control their appetites and have more discipline than Jews or Latins. They also have less need to display their wealth. It might come down to the group that could controls their passions the best; they ride the goat; they don’t drink its blood.

    Bob Whitaker said that the Shrubs were evil, and I don’t doubt this. We know that King Richard is connected to this family; many on the dissident right suspect him of being the center of the conspiracy to discredit White identity and this writing proves, so far, that I do as well. But I would ask you dear reader to read the Saga of the Volsungs. In it, you will learn that Germanic people will go to the greatest of lengths to get revenge on those who do them wrong. King Richard might be on tape getting pozzed with goat’s blood; or doing the pozzing as he initiates people, during the ritual for the final degree of the Apollo Cult. But that’s because he was the WASP’s man on the inside. That’s right; the Jewish-Church conspiracy thought King Richard was their fool, since he was introduced to them by the Shrubs, but he was the WASPs undercover man the whole time and he knows everything! And before people laugh at him for getting pozzed, go watch the FX show “The Americans.” In it you’ll see that deep cover operators actually get trained in being pozzed.

    King Richard sounded very unhinged during the secret recording leaked by the Dangerous Faggot. He said he was a “king,” and that he would “ritually humiliate” the people responsible for the Charlottesville disaster. What if was telling the truth? I’m saying, what if King Richard was telling the world exactly what was going to happen once White Genocide has ended? Can you imagine the rage that must be inside him from all that ass pozzing. And if that’s what he had to do for his people and for the struggle against White geocide, won’t he then deserve to be King? Some people have podcasts, or write articles, but getting ass pozzed for White wellbeing is going above-and-beyond.

    Now what about the Dangerous Faggot? The “leaky” one specifically, will likely be charged for his part in the conspiracy against White wellbeing, but for homosexuals in general, the answer is to remove them from the closet. Homosexuality will not be illegal; it’s better to know who the homos are. If you want to get or be pozzed, that’s OK; you just can’t promote pro-gay propaganda. No one has the right to harass or assault homosexuals. Life it difficult, if you need a same-sex life partner, that should be a legally recognized union, but it will not be on the same level as unions between men and women. The prick going into the snatch in sacred; we’re all here today because the prick went in the snatch. This solution will remove the Jewish-Church’s greatest weapon. They want to present this issue as a choice between the current sexual insanity and what the Church advocates. The solution I presented turns Dangerous Faggots into just faggots. And that’s better for everyone.

    I very much hope this writing gets wide circulation; you must prepare to see everything you trusted and thought holy to be corrupted. The Abrahamic, Yahwehian order is coming to an end; the pillars of their temple crashed to the ground.

    I beg you, White brothers and sisters, remain calm, don’t do anything stupid, but also remain strong in the face of the coming anti-Whiteness. While the era of Yahweh is coming to an end, the White Father, which art in heaven, is watching. He’s watching social media to see who will ingratiate themselves, and abuse their own children in the name of anti-whiteness in order to improve their social position. He’s watching to see who will be provoked into doing something stupid. He’s watching to see who is pro-White and who is anti-White; he has a list and he updates it often. Everything people put on their social media, everything said on the news, every email, every phone call, he has records of all of it. That way when the tide turns at his arrival, he’ll know if you’re genuine or not. When #CuckerTarlson tells viewers that “bending the knee will not be rewarded,” he’s not just posturing; he’s giving his viewers practical advice.

    The White Father is coming back. His Yuletide ritual and veneration reminds us of this. Don’t be on his naughty list.

    • Doing jumping-jacks after a meal of spam and beans June 22, 2020 at 10:54 am #

      “I’ve noticed that many writers and content creators on the dissident right and even the mainstream right giving warnings about not overreacting and suggesting basically getting in a defensive posture; get your families out of danger areas, increase your supplies of spam and baked beans, water, a generator, extra supply of medications, do your jumping-jacks, etc.”

      That was a terrible sentence. I stopped reading right there. Please do not try to promote your white-pride writing on delicious tacos dot com. He is pro-Black and pro-Brown people. He believes in the rights of the indigenous people. Saying that tacos has white guilt would be an extreme understatement. He has white masochism. Delicious tacos won’t be happy until a statuesque latina is crushing his balls while another one his massaging his shoulders and a third is feeding him grapes. In other words, he is a liberal.

      • Max Blastakovs June 22, 2020 at 12:28 pm #

        I’m a liberal as well. Now STFU and get my writing to BAP.

    • Anonymous June 26, 2020 at 8:30 pm #


  10. anon June 27, 2020 at 6:53 pm #

    It’s a lot easier to sight a gun with a boresight, some sell on amazon for $20. It’s just a laserpointer you stick in your barrel then you look down the sight to adjust it, sometimes comes with some kind of grid paper with instructions on how to adjust it upward 25 or 100 yards. Time trial and error reduced to 5 minutes, maybe 10 rounds.

  11. Ratt Michards July 7, 2020 at 8:41 am #

    Buy a set of
    for your Ruger 10/22.
    You can thank
    Me later…

  12. john August 14, 2020 at 7:42 pm #

    I know I’m innocent, sweet, on the job. That’s how they know me. Little 20 year old Freddie Balding. They call me Freddie Knapsack at work because I always kind of shuffle in with my Knapsack wide open. I’m messy like that. Shoes untied. If I had a nickel.

    Little Freddie Knapsack. A cute name for a cute kid. All my coworkers, on the other hand, are women in their 30s and, if I may, past their prime. They probably all think I’m a virgin anyway, and I wouldn’t blame them. At 5’6”—though my core and chest are absolutely cut, the body of a young warrior, under all the polos—I may not be the most obviously sexually imposing male. My other assets are unfortunately hidden under my clothes too. My ass—shapely, firm, in attractive proportion to my legs—and, of course, my roach. I pack a decent punch downstairs. Nothing crazy, but enough, and more than women expect for my height. And not that I’m some progressive-pussy-type, embracing new body types and all that, I just think women make too much a fuss about height when height is good for nothing if you don’t have pure sexual dynamo, like me. I’m a sexual powerhouse. That’ll be important to note if you want to understand the events that followed. No, not one of those guys who sleeps around but doesn’t have his shit together. I deliver, and I make money. 7 girls waiting in the car for me right now. I hear cash registers in my mind. I finish wiping down the dining room tables, mind on the money.

    And look how innocent I am. The woman I was training today (45) asked me what my favorite part of the job was. I said, “I really like serving people breakfast. I don’t mind it. But washing dishes can kind of be annoying.” I gave a bashful laugh like I had told a joke. She laughed in return, that “how adorable” laugh middle aged women can give to young men. It can be emasculating, but it’s exactly the image I want to maintain at work. Keep the money rolling in.

    I throw my rag down, grab my keys and head out to the parking lot. We serve a lot of rich guests, so nobody thinks much of the shining new Mustang I hop into. 7 girls are jammed inside—they’re all sweaty, hot from being locked inside a car all day. I let them air out. They’re dressed to go out, skin tight dresses, fishnet, every color, just how I like ‘em. Valorie, Molly, Georgia—they got the asses. Harper, Laura, Pauline—they got the breasts. Each have their own ups and downs. Pauline, for example, is a little slow. I had to teach her every she knew about making love. And finally there’s Greta. My lord. She’s the love of my life. She gets passenger’s seat. My god, her face. Carved from gold. My ride or die.

    They were crammed in that car, believe me, and maybe I got too excited to get back home with the girls and have our afternoon fun because I slammed the key in the ignition and swerved out of there, out of the parking lot and onto the highway. I was speeding right away, face shining red. I slam a nicotine patch down while driving and gasp and hiss “that feels just right.” I shout “FUCK!” And “WOOOOOO!” And the veins show in my neck. The girls in the car are happy to see me and massage my shoulders. Greta strokes my thigh. I smile, staring at the road. Powder, adderall, I push up under my gums. I slam my hand down on Greta’s leg. “Knapsack!” She moans. We’re riding fast. 80,90 in a 40. Cops might be on me, I’m not looking. Hear a ringing in my ears but it’s probably my own head. Seeing double. Slam another patch, bam—a rush. Nicotine gum too. Chewing, seeing triple. Girls giggle in my ears. Call my name. Daddy Knapsack, that’s me. I smile. Got a little mustache under my nose, facial hair no problem. Don’t shave. Barely maintain. Greta leans over and kisses it. My hand slips on the wheel.

    Car flips 4, 5 times, don’t know what happened to the girls in that moment but I know what happened to me. Car ends up on its side and I’m down in the grass, out of the windshield, covered in glass. 3 or 4 cops car already there—this could have been 30 seconds after or 30 minutes, I couldn’t tell you the difference, because I was out of body.

    Valorie is closest to me. In slow motion I crawl over to her. Blood and the rest coming from a wound in her head. My god she looks beautiful. I think I told her it was my fault. Don’t remember. I remember kissing her on the forehead. I look past, in a pile of wreckage, right behind her—there’s Molly.

    My god. I drag myself over. It took a million years if it took a day. The cops were all around us, I could hear them. Bits of the Mustang, on fire, stuck out of the ground all around us. A warzone. I hug Molly when I get to her. Oh, Molly. Maybe I loved you second best to Greta. She whispers I love you Daddy Knapsack. Shh, shh. She forces her head up to kiss me—she always wore the brightest lipstick, and I always had to wipe it off before coming into work every morning at 7 A.M. after me and Molly finished making out at 6 A.M.

    Then I see her. Georgia. My god. A modern beauty. The closest to Kim Kardashian I ever got. I drag my body over to her and look her in the eye. “Georgia, baby,” I say. “That glass,” she says. She points. I see what she means. “I want to see what I look like. I want to see.” I tell her not to worry about that, that she looked as beautiful as ever, even though she did not, because of all the injuries.

    Georgia’s head is twisted around at such a violent angle that she can not see as I pick up the glass to look at myself, though. Bloodied up does not begin to describe it. My mustache singed off and my Grecian good looks—a sturdy forehead, thick eyebrows, a strong jaw—had more or less vanished. The best way I can describe it is that I look like the late Stephen Hawking. And instead of his mangled legs, I see, in the mirror, I have no legs at all. I am merely a torso with arms. At this point I would have burst into tears again if I did not see something in the mirror, someone behind me—Harper.

    I drag myself over. Harper, honey, it’s going to be okay. The police are already here. She is by far he most distraught. She is sobbing, yelling, and so on, and I tried to comfort her. The poor thing. Oh, god I miss her. Those late nights, the talks we would have. Harper was the smartest, the most insightful of these girls. I tell her that, there, as I consoled her. She trusts me. She knows things will be right again soon.

    Laura and Pauline were lying together, hugging, when I found them. It was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. I dragged my torso over and smiled at them, tears glistening in my eyes. “Honeys,” I said. “Daddy Knapsack loves you. Never forget that. No matter what. Remember what I told you? The whole world could be flipped upside down before I betray you. You girls, you’re my life. Not that job. Not the money.”

    And then Greta. I found her crawling toward the lake, on fire. My love. I helped her put it out. She, too, was just a torso with arms. My love, I said. I called her that many times that evening. I brush her hair aside. She is as beautiful as the day we met. She asks am I gonna die. I say I don’t know sweetheart. Daddy Knapsack doesn’t know.

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