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17 Jul

UPDATE: The girl’s offending post can still be viewed here.

Roosh tweeted about this girl who wrote a blog about how guys buy her shit, and presumably are content to go unfucked in spite of this because she’s such a delight.  She’s taken the post down due to an apparent zerg rush of commenters telling her she was a whore and a 3 out of 10 and etc. and substituted a post about how she’s the victim of cyberbullying.

I tried to leave her this reasonably constructive comment, but she blocked it. She is only allowing her fellow bottle blondes to leave condolence messages bolstering her self-pity I guess. So I’m posting it here.


For your own well-being, I think it’s best that you toughen up a bit.  People on the internet are gonna be mean, especially if you do something like detail all the free stuff you get from dudes.  The correct response is to laugh it off.  To be happy for the page views.  Continue reading