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Old News: Match.com Screening Sex Offenders

20 Apr

Originally Posted September 1, 2011:

So a woman went on a date off match.com; the guy was a convicted sexual batterer, and he went ahead and sexually battered her, too.  So she sued them and now match.com is screening out sex offenders.

Or trying to.  Wonder what the mechanics are here.  Do you now have to give them your social security number?  Is it men only?  I mean, it’s a different beast than OKC because match.com is already taking your credit card number, so, they’re already in the business of identifying you as an individual human being.  As far as OKC goes you could actually be a sentient jellyfish that got a hold of a keyboard somehow.  That’s kind of the beauty of it.

By the way, match.com is also in the business of taking your credit card number and charging sixty nine ninety nine to it every three months, forever.  It’s genius how they do this—every three months that sixty nine ninety nine shows up on your balance.  You see it and think “what the fuck? I haven’t signed on to that shit in three years.”  You call– you make a series of calls, emails,  match tells you to call the bank, the bank tells you to call a different division of the bank, the different division of the bank tells you to call match, who tells you to email, you get no email back, you email again, you call again, etc., etc. and ultimately it turns out you have to do something like send a certified letter signed by a notary or bolstered by an Act of Congress or something and then MAYBE within ninety days they’ll stop charging your credit card.  It becomes such a hassle to get off of match.com that you just forget about it for another three months, until you see that charge again and flip out.  Maybe you even go on match, figure, fuck it, I’m payin’ for it. You go on match and it’s the exact same chicks that are on OKC, except they too haven’t logged on to match in three years. Continue reading