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Train Diary: Share the Load

2 Aug
image stolen from dailynews.com

image stolen from dailynews.com

Guy talked to me for the whole train ride this morning. Friendly. Possibly because of speed. I met him because I went to take a piss in the train toilet. I kept rattling the handle, thinking it was stuck. Turned out he was in there taking a shit. Who takes a shit on the train. He emerged carrying a huge wad of those brown paper towels and when I came back he had squashed them into a ball and was picking tiny bits off, flicking them at the window.

He had been in prison, was in for seven years. Not clear if it was all at once. I didn’t ask what for. I’m the type of white person who congratulates himself for knowing that’s against etiquette. Had his first kid when he was 19, before he went in. Then another when he got out. Then another, another, another. Three women. Youngest kid was 2. One of the girls was fucking him on child support, he said. A welfare queen, on the food stamps, state aid. Rest of them never asked for nothing. Child support fucks you, man. They will garnish your shit. Take sixty four per cent. That means, I make a hundred dollars, I get to keep forty four fucking dollars man. Continue reading