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The Title Sequence from Me & Nikol’s Aborted Youtube Puppet Show

2 Jun

We open on:


Blackness blacker than black.  The blackness of the darkest soul.  The blackest night.  A really really black guy, standing in a very dark room, not smiling.  Or if he is, he is wearing a mouthgaurd that is black as Hitler’s dick.

Then a single mote of light slowly fades into view.  A tiny spec.  Light.  Hope.  This dot, containing multitudes, seems to be struggling within itself.  Suddenly, in the briefest of moments, the mote EXPLODES with unholy force.  The sound of a thousand school buses being dropped on a canyon full of tympanis and aluminum foil.  The light EXPANDS, pushing out into STARS, GALAXIES.  NEBULAE.  OTHER COSMIC TERMS.  Camera FINDS within this infinite maelstrom of twisting spirals and hot colorful gases a TINY BLUE DOT.  This is EARTH.  VOLCANOES are exploding.  ROCK FORMATIONS, jagged and cruel, are pushed up out of hot magma only to recede, crushed. Continue reading