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OKCupid: Online Now!

25 Sep

Ain’t that the motherfuckin truth; OKC blowing your game with the constant “Online Now” shit. I’m trying to appear aloof here. It’s like these people never tried to get laid before.

I’m trying to appear like the kind of person who doesn’t have to seek out dates on the internet when I’m seeking out dates on the internet. Like I’m too busy failing to return the texts of, you know, models and stuff who are constantly haranguing me for a date. Models and PhD’s and like United States Congresswomen. Supreme Court Justices, but hot. Tennis stars from Russia. I’m way too busy ignoring this army of gorgeous accomplished women who would give their left nut to go on a date with me to be browsing this site as constantly as this status indicator would have you believe. Just so you know.