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Diary: Street Cleaner

3 Aug

Good morning.  The fucking street cleaner barreling up the street, diesel engine the size of a rhinoceros with absolutely no precautions taken to dampen the sound.  Displacing the 3 leaves that have fallen and the single Von’s receipt and Payday wrapper.  Moving these things over slightly.  Spraying down a thin layer of water, not enough to carry the dirt into the drain.  Just enough to slightly rearrange the dirt into new patterns, like drizzle on your dirty windshield.

Street cleaning does not clean the street. It exists so that every residential thoroughfare can be half blocked off to parking once a week, so the city can collect tickets.  It is 8:15; the city collects tickets from 8 to 10, and the street cleaner has gone by. But if I went and parked on the side of the street blocked off for the street cleaner now, would they spare me a ticket? Of course not.  Letter of the law.
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