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11 Apr
london broil

Image from thingsimadethenate.blogspot.com

I was in the checkout line. Purchasing meat. London Broil was on sale, you get a big Family Pak with two huge steaks for $2.99 a pound.

A mousy young woman behind me who had sprouts and 7 grain bread turned to a guy whose basket was full of beets and said “looking at meat like that makes me nauseated.” She said it so I could hear it. What they call ”passive aggressive.” “You are a disgusting immoral pig,” she was saying to me, except with other words to another putative vegetarian because that’s how you do things. Continue reading

The Alpha and the Omega

7 Jul

I read a lot of “man-o-sphere” blogs.  Roosh and Chateau Heartiste and stuff like that.  It’s part of the reason why I write about getting laid so much, or failing to get laid– because I like these blogs.  You read shit like that and you want to write about it yourself.  Screeds about internet fatties and so on.  Yelling at women for not having a sense of humor.

You read enough of this stuff and you pick up an adversarial tone toward women. Or rather, it brings out the natural hatred and resentment of women in a guy who thinks he doesn’t get laid enough.  A guy who thinks other guys are getting laid more than him.  Who thinks this relates to his own deeper worthiness, the judgment of some drunk chick.  Your failure to get her to act on some base impulse when another guy was successful at it.  It means you are a loser.  It affirms your own deeper self hatred.  And you get pissed off.

The weird thing is, I get laid plenty, and I still feel like this.  I get more ass than a toilet seat despite  my self-loathing being pretty dead-on in a lot of respects.  I am an underachieving mean-spirited layabout and chicks still like me.  Why on Earth do I get so mad at them– they like me a lot.  Most of them end up fucking me, and they call me, and I don’t call them back.  Why am I so resentful of women who are supposedly not wanting to sleep with me, when they are in fact sleeping with me.  I’m the one blowing them off.  You have to create more and more elaborate standards to keep considering yourself the victim.  You become angry that nineteen year old girls under one hundred twenty pounds with small noses and perfect facial symmetry want to sleep with some famous guy in a  band rather than you.  You become angry that guys with so-called “game” are getting laid more than you, when in fact game is completely accessible to everybody and if it were such a big deal, why didn’t you just learn it.  You become angry that guys with small noses and perfect facial symmetry have an easier time getting laid than you.  Not that they get laid more than you, but that they have an easier time of it. Like being rich by your own hand and getting pissed at people with inherited wealth. Continue reading