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Protected: Date Report: The Olympics of Getting Nowhere Near the Pussy Now and Forever

30 Jul

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The Olympics of Premature Ejaculation

29 Jul

I have a date tonight. I’m not thinking clearly about the situation.  I have not ejaculated since throat fucking Astrid for a prolonged period without getting off on Friday night, then kind of sexually wrassling around with her in my apartment in the morning, then attending a wedding full of teenage girls in short dresses who would sit with their legs uncrossed so you could see the tiny contained mounds of their steamy pubescent pussies in black cotton panties, then a party with 19-22 year old undergraduates including an Asian girl in tight pants with a tiny perfect ass rubbing on me on the couch, the orgy proposing guy’s girlfriend dressed up in some cartoon whore outfit she bought at Disneyland leaning over me on the stairs, her thighs; the girl I had fucked in a tiny sheer summer dress, remembering how my meatpipe sundered her girlish inexperienced pussy, cumming in her… my ball sac is glowing. It is plutonium. I am afraid to jerk off because I’m gonna cum so hard it’ll hurt.  I want to go on this date so I can get her into my bed and cum in two seconds. I am viewing this date as the Olympics of premature ejaculation and I am bringing home the gold.