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Work Diary Part Four: Bossman

6 Feb

July 2012

My boss is  a subhuman monster who should be tortured and killed in the most gruesome ways imaginable.  Flaying, fire, iron maiden– pruning shears nipping piecemeal at the genitals.  Acid.  Wild dogs.   Ants– fire ants, molasses.  Death by a canoe full of flies, like they had in ancient Greece.  Maybe psychologically broken first.  Call him fat or something.  Then physically tortured.  Then killed in a slow agonizing manner.  Then the corpse defiled, slashed almost but not quite beyond what is recognizable, and paraded in front of his family and whatever true friends he has, if any.  Then the family should also be killed.  Anyone sharing any genetic connection to this cruel and petty demon should be purged from the earth, maybe three or four generations back.  Incinerate the corpses, crush the bones, launch the remnants in small packets into deep space lest they reform into this thing again.  This thing that looks like a person but knows only hurt and selfishness.  This weird being, animate, but without a soul.  Without empathy.  Torture and kill him and play his screams over the PA system in schools, as a warning.  This is what happens when you are like this man. Continue reading