Some Day

20 Mar

third estate beats trappings of feudalism

Some day the unlaid are gonna take over and have us all castrated. Wouldn’t you? They tell you twenty per cent of the men fuck eighty per cent of the women. I don’t think it’s that spread out. I think it’s me and five other guys. I contribute nothing to society and I’m an asshole, but I’m tall and full of myself and my jawbone sticks out. This means pussy. I’m fucking the cute chicks and the ugly chicks and the skinny chicks and the fat chicks and my plan is to suck up every last pussy scrap in the world and leave nothing for anybody else. You tell me to let another guy have a shot with a girl at a party and I react like a rich guy about to have his marginal tax rates raised. How dare you, sir. She’s an adult, let her make her own choice. She will go with the guy who’s fucking ten other girls every time. They’re just animals like us, what did you expect.

Some day the unlaid are gonna have the players castrated. Some day the old women are gonna make the young women wear burqas. Ugly women can get fucked, fat women can get fucked. Until about 33. Then it’s over. Young fat girls get more OKCupid messages than you do by a factor of a thousand, for how much they’re supposedly hated. Guys want it that bad, and a lot of them like the fatties. With women, it’s just that you have to be of a certain age where if you ejaculate in them at the right time there’s a decent chance they will be impregnated with non-defective offspring. After that it’s over. Completely over. Imagine living like that, having everything and then nothing. The Last Emperor is the greatest film ever made about a woman’s romantic life.

They say we’re in an era of sexual capitalism, but it’s feudalism. Everything for the few, and those few got it by accident. Most people out there can’t even get a scrap of bread. Can’t be long before they put us on the block.

2 Responses to “Some Day”

  1. Little Miss S March 20, 2013 at 6:51 pm #

    Do you not know any women over the mid thirties range? Nikol just turned 34, right? I bet you will now see that the “it’s over. Completely over.” theory isn’t true. She seems like she has no trouble attracting men and will probably continue to do so!

    • Stephen March 21, 2013 at 11:24 am #

      Any chick can get a dick in her if she wants.

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