Coffee Shop Diary: An Armpit

31 Jan

Look– an attractive woman. Jogging outfit. Maybe 22. Even her dewy little armpit is alluring, popping out of a loose tank top. Contrast this with the waitress’ armpit, which has stretch marks. Jogger woman’s armpit is stunning in comparison. I want to tongue the lilac scented Secret® out of it while plowing raw into her hot yeasty jogger’s cunt and prematurely ejaculating. She sees me looking. I feel bad. My look can only mean one thing. She sees a thought bubble drawn over my head with a cartoon drawing of her own sweaty twat; my spent seed burbling out. There is only one thing a man looking at a woman ever means. And women never look at you except to catch you looking.

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  1. Coffee Shop Diary: An Armpit | - January 31, 2015

    […] Coffee Shop Diary: An Armpit […]

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