What Should I Do About This Girl

8 Jun


Let someone like you. Let yourself like someone. Let yourself like waking up next to her with your morning wood in her ass crack and the smell of the back of her neck and the mockingbirds going. The cool June gloom in the morning. Her hair’s messed up and she wraps around your arm like a baby. She doesn’t quite wake up but shifts a little. Takes a big breath. That’s what we’re here for. You don’t have to impress her. She doesn’t have to impress you. You don’t have to be with her forever. We’re all gonna die. Just be with her now. While whatever’s there is still there. Let yourself be happy. When it stops– if it’s tomorrow, if it’s death– you had it.

One Response to “What Should I Do About This Girl”

  1. dickycone June 9, 2019 at 6:01 am #

    Years ago Roosh wrote a great post about how once you’ve had a girl you shouldn’t be sad if she rejects you because you’re one of her “sexual popes.” There have only been something like 200 successors to St. Peter, so even if she’s a massive slut, you were still a special man who was fortunate enough to be one of the few. This idea has helped me deal with situations in my past a lot.

    Looks like the post itself may have been memory holed with Roosh’s new direction so I hope I’m explaining it in a way that makes sense.

    As far as marriage and kids, which I highly recommend, he wrote a seminal post that is still up:


    I ignored that part about skin tone and substituted the max age of 25 with making sure she’s at least 10 years younger, but other than that he’s dead on.

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