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Morning Diary: You Can All Suck My Dick

3 Jun
AM coyote

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The neighbors upstairs have a kid. Another on the way. The one, he’s maybe two now; he just stomps back and forth sixteen hours a day. They had the carpet ripped out. Pergo floors put in. They had the furniture replaced with church organs, machine guns; garbage trucks and backhoes constantly reversing. Cages of screaming jackals. He runs and turns around and runs across as much of the place isn’t taken up by the couch crib and TV. I only ask them to quiet down at night. When I’m trying to sleep so I can wake up at six, write something that someone will comment is a failure* and that I deserve my obscurity. Otherwise I can’t bring myself to crush his joy at just being alive to run from one place to another. Getting strong to chase the buffalo. Continue reading

Peanut Allergies

3 Feb

I had a buddy who was allergic to nuts.  Before it was cool.  I didn’t even know about it until a dish featuring almonds was served and he politely declined.  He just tactfully, simply stated: “I can’t, I’m allergic to nuts.”

No one does that now.  Anyone who is allergic to nuts, or especially people whose children are allergic to “peanuts and tree nuts,” which like “autism spectrum disorder” is now something that happens to approximately seventy per cent of all rich kids—everyone who is allergic to nuts makes it into this big movie-of-the-week where they’re going to swell up and die just from looking at a god damn peanut. Continue reading