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The Girls Cried When They Got Dillinger

12 Feb

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Monica Quan was a human being who didn’t deserve to die.  Keith Lawrence was a human being who didn’t deserve to die.  Michael Crain  was a human being who didn’t deserve to die.  The San Bernardino deputy who died today didn’t deserve to die, although at least he saw it coming.  In any case, these people were murdered in cold blood.  Their mothers and fathers, their kids, their friends, are mourning.

Still, when I heard they got Dorner, I thought: fuck.

His fucking axle broke.  Ain’t it always some shit like that.  You have a perfect plan, and some random bullshit comes out of nowhere.  It was like he slipped on a banana peel.  They had Feds in Las Vegas, cops in Tijuana raiding hotels for him; they said he stole a boat, that he was stocking up on SCUBA gear.  He may have accomplices and caches of food and weapons; he’s using burner cell phones; he could have a whole network across the country and they may never catch him.  He could come out of nowhere at any time and kill any cop to get vengeance for everyone the cops ever fucked. And the cops became chickens without heads, falling over themselves to shoot up any pickup truck within 500 miles.  We saw what really moved them.  You call the cops and nothing happens.   When they were afraid for themselves, that’s when they kicked into high gear.
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