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Gertrude Part Three

19 Oct

This chick.  It pisses me off that she’s fucking other guys.  I wish we could be in a monogamous relationship, because it would make it so much easier for me to pull other pussy.

I need some new ass.  I have a hankering for a chubby chick.  When you are dating a slender Asian woman you get a stirring in your loins for a freckly strawberry blonde with giant milky titties, so white there are blue veins visible, and a squidgy muffin top.  A chick with a big fat pussy, a fleshy pubic fat pad laid out so that there is no boundary to the outer pussy lips.  No separation between vulva and gunt, it’s just a big mound of flab tapering down to a “V” with a sweaty slit. A meaty ass with just a hint of cellulite; stretch marks like a zebra.  The type of girl who knows you’re not going to call her.  Who wonders why you’re even going out with her in the first place.  The type of girl who knows she better make the pussy count.  Who isn’t pissed if you cum too fast; she’s grateful that you fucked her at all. In other words, a girl from OKCupid.
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OKCupid: Fatties

29 Jan

You know how it is.  Lotta fatties on OKC.  Your first harbinger of this— I mean, besides everybody knowing that the internet is full of fat chicks, this fact having suffused our popular culture, etc.—your first harbinger of this is the weight class list it makes you pick from, which has like two words for skinny and fifteen different kinds of fat.

Because of course we all know “average” means fat. These eighteen to thirty-five year old L.A. girls are generously assorting  themselves according to the national average across all age groups. Not the average for eighteen to thirty-five year olds in Los Angeles, California, as a reasonable layman would expect “average” to mean when looking for that age group in this city.  These girls are following the letter of the law and not the spirit, like Hasids who string yarn along the telephone wires on their block so they’re technically in an enclosed space and can walk around on the Sabbath. So “average” means fat.

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