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9 Feb

I want this 20 year old girl to message me back.  This 20 year old girl with big tits and a big ass and a cute face, good bone structure, 20 years old.  Looking for casual sex.  What kind of sexual experience, she asked, do I have to give you to get my own entry on your blog.  I ought not to have answered while drunk.  A terrible one, obviously, I said.  A shitty one.  Well it’s the truth.  If you just come over and talk to me and fuck me good and we’re not alone in the world for five minutes, where’s the fun in that.  I need you to get in my head.  I need you to hit me right away with the foreknowledge of loss.  That’s what Gertrude pulled off.  She had her flaws but I knew she was gonna leave me so there was something to think about.  Plus I needed someone to come over and pick up booze on the way home.  Life is pretty simple.