11 Dec

She had a flappy pussy and her face was like a baby bird. Her teeth. The incisors pinched in. Modern people have too many teeth for the jaw. We’re meant to lose them. Get clocked by some other proto-hominid or drop one gnawing a hyena bone. The teeth get crowded; some of them fold in and go half sideways. With her it was the incisors. She let the cat in the bedroom when we fucked. She wasn’t that funny. She was on hormonal birth control and never felt anything. I love her I miss her. She is a cunt with no soul. Come back to me.

She was a yuppie whose job was her life; she was hired by an old perv to be a hot woman and her hotness was waning; she had good skin but you found out later it was because she sandblasted it; you caught her talking once with a coven of other girls about Retin-A, abrasives, lotions you have to get from overseas. She would come in in the morning and her face smelled like fruit. She was always putting something on her face, trying to hold it back.

She had a funny ass and she wore stupid pants and you were so unsure of yourself you could never relax around her. She was a cunt with no soul and come back to me come back to me. Come back to me.

Now these other girls, fucking them in my apartment and it’s too hot, they all have shaved cunts with three days stubble and weird razor marks. The sounds they make, not like her. Her little moans. Her eyes, concentrating.

The last time you fucked you saw she trimmed her pussy for him. She was lying the whole time. I should have lied to her. I should have fucked other girls. That would mean I killed it by my own hand, instead of: you are a worthless loser with no direction in life and of course a girl like her wouldn’t love you.

Come back to me, come back to me… if you did I’d just be scared again. Thinking the whole time how I’m going to lose you. I’d be right.

Be grateful for what it taught you, you think. You can feel something after all this. But for that to happen now you have to find someone else like her. What was it that made her like that. What was it. I only know when it’s not there.

3 Responses to “Her”

  1. Illy December 11, 2014 at 11:29 am #

    It’s not extra teeth; it’s small jaws due to their mothers being on low-fat, vitamin-depleted diets while pregnant. Avoiding eggs, avoiding butter, avoiding beef. Without the fat-soluble vitamins (like K2) jaw development is stunted and you get weak teeth too.

  2. theghostlighter December 11, 2014 at 11:31 am #

    Sounds like my gutter cunt of an ex-wife


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