On the Beach

10 Mar

I saw a rock that looked like a piece of liver. Went to pick it up. It pulsated. Some kind of sea slug. Weird, naked and vulnerable. Squirmy limbs like tree fungus uncurling from it. A foot away the waves. I should throw it back, I thought. But what if it wanted to beach itself. Maybe it has its reasons.

I let it go. The tide was rising. Maybe it died in agony wishing I’d thrown it back. Maybe it lived, wishing I’d killed it.


3 Responses to “On the Beach”

  1. tulsi gabbard is a tranny - search "tulsi the transformer" on youtube March 10, 2019 at 4:36 pm #

    did u snap a photo
    there was a giant sunfish that washed up in sb
    record-setting low temps. mid-march and its still cold
    mini ice age
    interesting times ahead

  2. smol March 20, 2019 at 3:00 pm #

    Have you read Rachel Carson’s “At The Edge of the Sea”?

    • wasted life March 28, 2019 at 8:29 pm #

      readins for faggots, especially if u read something by a “rachel carson”.
      think about it, your eyes are looking at words written by someone else, and these words are heard as a voice inside your head. its sort of gay. how about this: go outside. its been said so many times it sounds like a cliche, a joke, but seriously. the sun is out now. get some vit d. not even going to say “lift weights” but just enjoy some clean air somewhere in nature. fuck reading. i’m so tired of reading, consuming. look what dt is doing…going on a road trip, seeing nature for himself. after a certain point reading and watching and listening is so fucking homo i can’t take it anymore. the only time it’s not gay is if you are reading your *own* words.

      go outside, get some sunlight, walk around, look at some nice clouds, trees and flowering branches. nature is fucking happening all around us and yet we continue to waste hours online, venting like the digital kik3s we’ve been programmed to become. they call it kvetching. we complain then go read or watch other people complain whose complaints are similar to ours. its sickening. i’m getting eye cancer just looking at this fucking overly bright monitor, even though i am wearing sunglasses. dt is improving his life at the ripe age of 40-whatever. i bet most of his readers are fat, lonely, pale. go outside. do it on the weekend if u are a wagecuck. lounge on a beach if you live near one. go for a hike. holy fuck. i’m serious i can’t stand reading one more “thinkpiece” or “essay” or “book”. time to act or die slowly.

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