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To the Only Girl I Wanted to Message Me Back

5 Sep


I feel bad now.  I was genuinely moved by your blog post about the ass speculum.  Or rather, the vaginal speculum, not intended for use in the ass, being inserted into your ass so another performer could spit jizz she had just sucked out of a guy’s huge dick, which had been primed to ejaculation by fucking you in the ass, back into your ass, whence you would drip it into a cup and she and you would drink it from a straw.  Or something.  Frankly the chain of events was a little difficult to follow but I understood the larger point that you showed up thinking you were gonna do a 3 way with a guy and a chick and get fucked in the asshole as part of it but were presented, without foreknowledge, with a gigantic plexiglass spreading tool and told you would have to have it open and abrade your asshole in the “piledriver” position. Then get fucked in the ass with your rectum torn and bloody and ragged from this thing.  It sounds horrible, and you should have walked away, but you did it anyway, out of fear you wouldn’t be able to work again if you said no.  I’m sorry that happened to you.  Continue reading