Women, Part 2

2 Sep

Girls are boring then surprised when you bore them. You have to be so exciting you can thwart their own boringness. Then when you’re used to playing up excitement you find yourself with a girl who seems to have spiritual grounding. Seems to want you to be decent. Nice. You let yourself show that part of you. You end up just being yourself. And she rejects you.

5 Responses to “Women, Part 2”

  1. Eric Shun, CPA September 3, 2020 at 11:58 pm #

    there was a thread about this topic, and someone replied: “it’s because of sexual dimorphism”. men are expected to provide the excitement, either through physical adventure, or smart humor and story-telling. in return, women provide the pleasurable excitement of oral and vaginal stimulation. aside from that, they are quite boring, even if a woman tells a decent story, it’s often about some shopping-related hijinks.. and if you’re just offering them a quiet night at home, even after a gourmet 3 course meal, that isn’t enough entertainment for many of them. unless she’s a fatty. then she does get entertainment from good food and bedroom wrestling. that’s why i like them more on the chubbier side. food and sex is enough entertainment for them. no need for wit or physical shows of strength, such as a bar fight. but if a girl is already sexually attracted to you, a dinner and movie has usually been enough. that worked for me in the past, but i don’t think it will open bobs and vagenes nowadays. since i’m creatively bankrupt without any genuine stories of my own, i will just read them passages from your one of your books, available on sale now, on Amazon.

    • Abracaxandra September 14, 2020 at 3:01 pm #

      I’m personally tired of toning and dumbing it down, hiding my shine so that you fellas can feel bigger and mo impo’tant.😂 …
      I’m ready, while you’re watching the game over my shoulder, to accept the attention of the way more interesting dom over there, who notices that not only can I fuck like a goat when tied up, but I have way better stories than shopping and would probably end up intellectually running circles around the boys trying to lick my ass.
      I’ll submit- because that’s what I like- but never again unless somebody earns it.

      But that’s just me

      Who the fuck are you all dating?!
      ….and W H Y?

  2. anon September 9, 2020 at 2:30 pm #

    My mom visited me a few days ago and even 50 year old women will be on their phone, not saying anything and only react 50% of the time. She often talks about tiny houses, unplugging, but they never will. The only women left are foreigners or amish, maybe women from warzones.

  3. Observation Post 9 September 12, 2020 at 7:12 pm #

    It’s like seeing her without makeup, naked. Can flip the switch off instantly. She sees you at your weakest after lots of sex or porn when testosterone is drained. She looks into your abyss. What are you made of, at your weakest? I’ve seen her lose faith and become bratty, then the cheating begins.

    Also, the liberal white male is a male who won’t fight for his tribe. He welcomes the invasion and conquest of his own. Women can’t stand the stench of death on such a man. A genetic dead end. The white liberal brain lacks certain survival circuits. Like homosexuals, they are not built to survive, whether due to genetic or developmental error. Healthy females don’t seek to invest their genes in gays or males who won’t defend their people. Like the jewish political staffer in Taxi Driver, “I’ll play the male and you play the female”, the innately nutless liberal male disgusts her.

    • Abracaxandra September 14, 2020 at 3:04 pm #

      Thanks for giving us some credit 👍🏼

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