Phil Spector

17 Jan

I don’t know what happened when he killed that girl. I only know what happened at the end. My aunt who died in April was close with him. When he made his music and then after, when they found the girl from Barbarian Queen with a bullet hole through her palate and her teeth on the carpet in his castle out in Alhambra.

He was a genius at 17, a millionaire at 20, went through a windshield at 35 and had to have his head put back together. You know his songs and they’re perfect. Listen to Be My Baby and What is Life. Armies of harpsichords and trumpets in the room and he boiled the tapes down and down looking for the sound. It was perfect.

High school girls stalked the bands outside the studio. He had them come in and clap for the rhythm track. And when some 15 year old clapped ahead of the beat he’d yell GOD DAMMIT YOU FUCKING CUNT. He wore huge freak wigs and crazy capes and got in screaming fights with everyone on the records. Because he was right. It had to be perfect.

He put a gun to Leonard Cohen’s neck. He had a hundred million dollars. He bought a castle. Terrifying and insane but they kept coming to him. Because he was a genius. What’s it like, someone asked him. And he said you wouldn’t want my life. He was on trial for six years and he went to court with the freak wigs and suits because it was on TV. It was the show.

At the end he lost everything. In a cell in the middle of nowhere. People stopped calling. He played chess with the warden. Let himself be bald. Shrunken, sick, alone and dying in prison. He was the happiest he’d ever been, he told her. Because he didn’t have to be Phil Spector anymore.

5 Responses to “Phil Spector”

  1. Handsome Throwaway January 17, 2021 at 7:12 pm #

    Phil Spector was both based and red pilled. No one talks about this.

    Lmfao on all these haterz online Rn like he didn’t accomplish like 100x what they did with their time, go on and hate but you will never be great.

    Somebody does need to leak his Celine dion album though.

  2. some mexican choad February 8, 2021 at 8:36 pm #

    both of those songs sound like dogshit. what is that, muffled static in the background? here is something much better, note how crisp the beats are.

    phil spector was a freakish piece of shit and so are you for sympathizing with him (a convicted murderer).

    “he was a genius and so am I!!!”
    keep telling yourself that, faggot.

    • Nick Gerz February 11, 2021 at 12:59 am #

      Shut the fuck up, Tacos is a genius and so was Phil. Both are just misunderstood. They even have similar faces, I can see Tacos looking like Phil’s final mugshot when he gets old and decrepit in 10 years.

      Lana was a roastie and deserved it. She *chose* to get into Phil’s limo after finishing her shift at 1am (or whatever time it was). If she were a level-headed good girl she would have been at home safe in her family’s house, and she’d still be alive today voting Democrat. Instead she was a washed up degenerate “actress”. If Phil hadn’t shot her, she would have ended up gold-digging and divorcing some beta simp LA realtor. Then after the alimony dried up she would have started an onlyfans. Good riddance. Phil was based.

      Anyway, I’m not even going to ask why Tacos’ aunt was friends with Phil fucking Spector.

    • Hitler February 16, 2021 at 6:16 pm #

      this website and its author were always degenerate since day 1.

  3. warcrimes February 20, 2021 at 5:50 am #

    Taco dont quit

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